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Kansas ‘Proud Boy’ Sentenced to Four Years in Prison After His Involvement in January 6th US Capitol Attack was Proven to be True

The Proud Boys is an all-male North American far-right, neo-fascist militant organization that is notorious for engaging in violence directed by political beliefs/agendas. The group’s top leaders have, time and gain, been arrested for violently opposing the government of the United States, including the constitutional transfer of presidential power. Although they are seen as a street gang in the United States, they have been labelled as a terrorist organization in Canada and New Zealand.

The Proud Boys are known to be aggressively in opposition to the left-wing and progressive groups of the United States, in addition to being unshakable supporters of former President Donald Trump. Although the group has denied the label of being a white supremacist group, the group and a lot of its members have had connections with white supremacist groups, events, and ideologies throughout its existence.

The Infamous Kansas Proud Boy 

In a recent turn of events, a member of this infamous group, who was reported to have egged on the mob that had attacked the US Capitol on January 6 and bragged about scaring the cops enough “to have them running” from the scene, was arrested by the authorities.

The member, who had been identified as William Chrestman, aged 51, was sentenced to four years and 7 months in prison on Friday. Chrestman is a resident of Olathe, Kansas. He had plead guilty to obstruction of an official proceeding and threatening a federal officer in October 2023.

Chrestman was an active member of the Proud Boys’ Kansas City, Missouri group, and was a part of the violent mob that had attacked the US Capitol on January 6, 2020. Several police officials who were present at the scene confirmed his presence there. US Attorney’s Office also reported that he had encouraged the crowd’s violent demeanor by shouting “Go! Go! Go!”

Once the attack was under control by authorities present at the venue, Chrestman was spotted bragging about how the protestors “had the cops running” from the scene in as the cops “legitimately feared for their lives” In addition to this, Chrestman was also seen bragging about how he and the other protestors threw chairs under the doors, when officials tried to shut the security doors to the Capitol in order to stop the mob from entering.

Chrestman: Nationalist or Racist?

It was also reported that Chrestman had also threatened police officials who were trying to keep the angry mob at bay, by waving an axe handle around. Witnesses claim that he had used this same handle to prop open a door and allow the crowd to enter the Capitol.

According to recently published media reports and articles, Chrestman has already been incarcerated for approximately 35 months, which means he will have approximately 20 more months to serve, sidelining good behavior.

Upon Chrestman’s arrest, the internet was seen divided into two, with one side hailing his arrest as a justifiable move, while the other side was seen demanding his release. Cronkright, Chrestman’s lawyer, also wrote in court documents prior to Chrestman’s sentencing, that Chrestman is “a former Army medic and a loving father” who has realized the severity of his crime.

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