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Justin and Hailey Posed For Cute Couple Pictures On Social Media

Photo dump by the power couple
The dreamy couple had shared another intimate moment. The power couple was seen posing for social media as they made fans gush over the cutesy moments captured in the camera.

They posed as a sweet couple in a carousel. In the first photo, the pair was seen passionately kissing each other. In other photos, Hailey was seen sweetly leaning on her husband’s shoulder.

History of the couple
The couple had always been the center of discussion in social media. Justin was commonly known as the ex-boyfriend of pop music sensation Selena Gomez.

The “star-crossed lover” couple started dating each other while they were going through their teenage years. Selena and Justin were the perfect examples of teenage romance with a fan club for their relationship.

The famous “Jelena” pairing
Selena and Justin dated very publicly and Hailey also joined the “Jelena” fan club while she was a teenager. The young model tweeted on a social media post, stating, “I don’t care what anyone says but Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez together is the definition of a teenage dream! #word”.

Selena and Bieber went through rough patches in their relationship and finally, the couple officially broke up.

The complete timeline of the couple

The initiation of romance between Hailey and Bieber started very casually. They started seeing each other with no intention of serious romance. They kept dating again and off again while Justin tried to figure out his feelings for his former lover.

Finally, in September of 2018, Justin made Hailey his wife with an official registration in California Courthouse. The wedding ceremony was organized a year later, including only close family members and friends.

First introduction

Hailey was first introduced to Justin by her father Stephan. The first meeting between them only shared a handshake and a formal greeting.

Those two decided to keep their relationship secret from the public eye in the beginning, before making anything official. Hailey’s frequent presence in Juston’s life gave birth to some speculations from the fans during this period.

Justin’s fit in the pictures

As the couple struggled through some tough years of marriage, the recent social media post shares that they have been experiencing some quite lovey-dovey moments.

Justin was seen wearing black slacks and a light blue button-down worn under an army green shearling jacket. The look was completed with white and tan sneakers and a black baseball cap he wore backward.

Hailey’s fit in the pictures
Hailey, 27, also looked quite stylish and cool with her wide-legged jeans and a floor-length black trench coat. To break the monotony of the look, she added a pop of color by wearing dark red oxford shoes.

She had commented on the pictures shared by her husband saying,” We are cute”. Many of their mutual celebrity friends had reacted to the shared post as they appreciated the closeness of the couple and their confidence in their marriage.“My parents,” Justin’s collaborator The Kid LAROI wrote, while Justine Skye added a sentimental “🥹” emoji.

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