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Joe Biden Caught in a Pool of Social Media Mockery After being Led Offstage by Jill Biden

Joe Biden was taken off stage by the First Lady and his wife Jill Biden, after he remarked on Jan 6 Anniversary of the Capitol riots near Valley Forge in Pennsylvania on Jan 5.

Social Media Response

The comments were mostly made on X, while the users expressed glee over his January 6 remarks and the way he was taken off stage by his wife as a sudden response, making the event a sight of mockery for the users. A clip was shared by RNC Research where after the remark, the First Lady grabbed his hand and took him backstage.

Biden was concluding his speech after which he mentioned Donald Trump as a threat to democracy. The event became a major entertainment on X where the people as well as many officials took gibes at the President, while some were amused that she was even allowed to do so.

The Official account of Town Hall tweeted, “Thank goodness that Jill Biden is there to lead Joe off stage,” while The Daily Mail US, also present at the scene, called the incident a trance-like state for Joe Biden. Some also focused on Biden’s state of confusion after RNC Research shared a clip of him looking perplexed after leaving his helicopter for a weekend with family in Delaware.

Biden’s Age, a Big Concern

Joe Biden was in Pennsylvania to give a speech for his electoral campaign in the upcoming elections. He was a figure of amusement partially because of his growing age which some feel unfit for a re-election. Biden,81 is the oldest president in American history to take office, raising concerns over his presidency.

Concerns were also expressed by the former White House physician, Ronny Jackson, who had served Obama as well as Trump back in 2023, saying that he found Biden’s cognitive skills as well as his physical health declining.

The political significance of the location

Biden chose the place near Valley Forge due to its political significance. Valley Forge was where George Washington united the American forces for freedom 250 years ago. It was an indirect attack on Donald Trump’s attempt to harm democracy during the 2021 Capitol Riots by his followers, marking it the third anniversary of the attack.

He also remarked on the way Trump had mishandled the situation during the riot when he knew the chaotic state in the Capitol. Biden also stressed over his impeachment twice. “He’s willing to sacrifice our democracy, put himself in power.” Biden had included it in his speech. Even though he was praised for his remark as his supporters delightfully said, “four more years,” his remark was not entertained by all.

So far, Biden is short of polls adding to his presidency being the worst of all the former Presidents. USA is already indebted with an amount of $34 trillion, only to grow for another $27,783 billion this year. He has failed to assure the voters of economic stability as well as the migration crisis has convinced the public of his failing administration, furthermore, added by the split in his party due to his support for Israel over Hamas.

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