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January 6 Riot Reignited The Controversies, Some Called The Rioters With Normal Citizens With Freedom of Speech

Riot on the result day in Capitol building

All hell broke loose in the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021. The day marked an unfortunate event as around 2:13 pm in the afternoon, Joseph Howe from Kentucky kicked down the wing door of the Senate office in the U.S. Capitol Building.

He charged forward as his other companion, Michael Sparks, had just climbed through a broken window in the office. 

The background of the rioters

They were members of the groups of hundreds who attacked the Capitol building as the election results of 2020 were getting announced.

The major aim of the rioters was to overturn the ballots, thus destroying Biden’s opportunity of becoming the prestigious President of America. Howe and Sparks hailed from Elizabethtown to Capitol believing they were exercising democratic rights and attempted to siege the building.

The rioters got involved in chaos

Sparks started to create a chaotic situation as soon as he climbed into the office. He came face to face with an officer on duty and got involved in hand to hand combat with him.

He later took part in the agitated mob that was responsible for chasing an officer through flights of stairs. Howe also held up his part of the agreement quite nicely. He took up a fire extinguisher and sprayed it into the eye of an officer who was trying to stop him. 

Police arrested the rioters and pressed charges

Both of them got arrested soon after along with their friend, Peter Schwartz, who was busy in demolishing the building properties and throwing chairs at the law enforcement officials.

They were immediately taken into custody and several charges were pressed against them. The charges included showcasing violence and aggression along with harassing law enforcement officials. 

Kentucky leaders would like to disagree

Some of the top leaders of Kentucky beg to differ from the opinions of the U.S. Capitol and the charges that are pressed against the rioters.

According to their resolution the only mistake that the rioters made was that they  “exercised their First Amendment rights of free speech and assembly to express their frustration with the electoral process”.

Federal court is still deciding

The Federal court does not agree with the Kentucky leaders. The attorneys analyzed the reports and details of the case and detected that the people who took part in rioting chose  a wrong way of expressing their freedom of speech.

They chose violence, property damage and vengeance over presenting their thoughts and ideas gracefully. 

The committee chair, Whitney Westerfield, a Republican from Fruit Hill, stated, “What I saw on January 6, 2021 was not a lawful exercise of constitutional rights, but a criminal assault on our democracy and the institutions that guarantee it”.

His statement criticized the resolution taken by the Kentucky Republican. The case is still ongoing at the justice court and both the sides are backed by multiple logics and counterlogics.

A diplomatic opinion even stated, “acknowledge the events of January 6, 2021, and recognize those citizens who have been wrongfully held without due process”.


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