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Israel Announced That They Had No Intention of Stopping the War Against Gaza-Palestine Even After International Justice Court Suggested Otherwise

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, showed no interest in putting a pause against the war declared against Plaestine. He criticized the decision taken by the International Justice Court and said that all the allegations that were filed against them were manipulated.

Recently, South Africa had filed a case against Israel stating that Israel is committing genocide in the conflict against Palestinians residing in Gaza. 

Netanyahu seemed uninterested in the final ruling

Netanyahu appeared on a televised press conference and brought forth his controversial statements. Just after two days the hearing was announced from the International Justice Court, these explosive remarks were televised.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister stated that nobody could ever stop them from exacting revenge, neither the International Justice court nor the “axis of evil”. Speculations suggested that Israel had indicated towards Iran by that comment. 

The allegation which South Africa raised

The allegation that was raised against Israel was a recurring one. South Africa had previously raised their voices about the unfair act that was carried out by Israel.

They had stated the airstrikes and attacks conducted by the Israeli army need to be stopped as more and more civilians are losing their lives in the hands of the revenge seeking men. 

Benjamin Netanyahu

Supporters of Israel

Israel had denied all the allegations that were lodged against them repeatedly and replied that these claims were offensive and hypocritical.

In their defense, they stated that they are just doing what needed to be done for self preservation. Even the United States of America also supported their statements as they called the allegation of genocide to be “unfounded” and based on hypothesis rather than actual facts. 

Even Germany came to speak for defending Israel on the international ground this Friday. They had said that the attack executed by Hamas affiliated terrorists on Israel was “inhuman” and Israel should receive sympathy and motivation rather than stopping the attacks which are mostly targeted at the “terrorists” groups. 

What started the war?

The conflict between Israel and Palestine started when a group of terrorists from Hamas attacked a hospital in Israel, on October 7th, 2023.

More than 1200 Israelians had lost their lives during that attack and most of the victims were civilians. Around 250 people were captured by them. Later some of them were declared dead in the duration of their captivity. Sources said more than half of them still remained under the claws of Hamas. 

Aftermath of an attack

Where do they stand now? 

After that the conflict between Israel and Palestine had been going on for 100 days and as per report more than 23,000 Palestanians had been dead during the war. Many suspected that most of the victims were civilians and they had nothing to do with the war.

Before hearing, Israel defended their actions by stating that they were just trying to protect themselves against a “ruthless enemy”. They also noted that South Africa did not mention the severity of the Hamas incident properly.

According to Israel, South Africa also forgot to mention that Israel had been trying their best not to target any civilians and they apologized for any innocent life that was harmed in the process. 

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