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Investigation Underway after St. Elmo’s Shooting


Investigation into an officer-involved shooting

On December 30, Saturday, the Illinois State Police (ISP) initiated an investigation into an officer-involved shooting of a runaway burglar. The shooting occurred in St. Elmo’s 2400 Block of 2150 Street. The suspected burglar was reportedly shot by an official after he allegedly fled the scene upon the arrival of the police authorities. For the investigation for shooting the man, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department has requested the ISP’s assistance.


Identification of the criminal

During the evening of 30 December, the Local Officers received a phone call at around 7:00 pm from the victim. According to the sources the burglary was ongoing at the 1600 Block of North 1550th Street. It was also recorded that shots were fired. After the officers rushed to the crime scene and took charge of the situation, the identity of the burglar was confirmed. His name is Tyler J. Roe, a 36-year-old Brownstown resident.


Roe fled the scene after the arrival of the police

The burglar quickly fled the scene upon realizing that he had been caught. He stole the vehicle of the victim and ran away. There was a failed attempt to stop Tyler from running away. After the police confirmed that the suspect had fled the scene and had also stolen a vehicle, the officials began the search for the criminal on the road. The vehicle was moving over the speed limit and was identified to be a stolen vehicle by the Sherriff Department.

Locating the vehicle at 2150 Street

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department located the stolen vehicle on the 2400 Block of 2150 Street. The Farina Police Department was informed about the sighting and was asked for assistance. The police department backed the sheriff Department for catching the thief. One of their officers completed a successful precision immobilization technique to stop the stolen vehicle. Hence, the vehicle carrying the suspect came to a stop. There were no injuries reported to the vehicle. 

Shooting the burglar

A police officer had to operate his weapon due to unforeseen circumstances which resulted in Tyler getting injured. He was given medical assistance at the area hospital as soon as possible and had no sign of any fatal injury. The sudden discharge of the weapon by the officer is under investigation at the present moment.

Steps taken by the authorities

A cautious and thorough investigation is being carried out for the incident. The main motive is to find the officer’s intentions regarding the shooting. Pieces of evidence are being gathered to put together a clear picture of all the motives of the authorities and other people involved. Furthermore, it is also been reported that the burglar, Tyler J. Roe, is currently in a stable condition. He has been discharged from the hospital and has been booked in the Fayette County Jail.

Ongoing Investigation

The investigation is still in progress and has not been given any conclusions. The ISP, along with their attorney are working on this case and promised to be transparent to the public with all the pieces of evidence and results that may be found. Till that time, the suspect will be kept in the County Jail.


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