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Immigrants Are Going To The Doorsteps of New Yorkers To Ask for Financial Aids, Situation Continues to Worsen Day by Day

Immigrant issues concern the long-term residents
The surge of immigrant issues in the state of New York shows no intention of dialing it down anytime soon. As time passes, the complaints of the long-term citizens and criticism of the newer approach regarding migration policies and border control are exponentially increasing. Residents are finding it difficult to co-exist with a large influx of immigrants.
The biggest controversy stands surrounding the temporary tent shelter located in an abandoned airfield, now known as Floyd Bennett Field. This shelter is a temporary home for thousands and hundreds of asylum seekers, most of whom are hailing from Latin America and the Caribbean. They have been provided with shelter but that is not enough for anybody to lead a life in New York City.
Residents are growing weary
According to a new report, the first thing that any resident of Floyd Bennett Field encounters in the morning is the expecting face of a homeless immigrant. They wake up with the sound of the doorbell and often find one of the shelter residents standing at their doorstep begging for essentials like food, money, and clothes.

The situation raises several questions
This scenario brought up the inability of long-sightedness in the political leader of the United States. The immigrants are having a hard time trying to find a legitimate job due to legal issues and until they get a job, they are taking up unusual ways of earning that money. Along with increasing requests for financial aid, the crime rates are also increasing in the shelter areas.
Already existing problems are yet to be handled
These issues further emphasize the existing problems that New York City had been facing. One of the toughest problems that the city had always been dealing with was the “homelessness” issues. There are a lot of people in New York City other than immigrants who are forced to sleep on the sidewalk because they can not afford an apartment. Along with this, the new task of finding an apartment for all the asylum-seekers as well as handling the complexities of the legal issues is a burden to the city management system.

Immigrants getting evicted from hotels

The residents are visibly growing furious at the worsening situation. They understand the moral obligation and the need to show empathy when someone is coming asking for something at their doors. However, one of the residents spoke to a local news channel that there is a vast difference between moral obligations and practical reality. He stated that if they help an individual once, they come asking for more the next and they bring their families too. There are too many mouths to be fed by the residents there.
A solution needs to be devised quickly
The growing problem shows that the border control method and migration policies need a thorough reconstruction as this is a very complicated situation. The resources are limited whereas empathy and humanity are facing questions. The concerned authorities need to think of a strategy to manage the influx of immigrants and they should start housing the immigrants properly so that they do not need to commit panhandling or crimes.

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