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Illinois Voters Against Donald Trump’s Run for the 2024 Presidential Ballot 

Illinois voters have shown their opposition towards his stand for presidency in the upcoming primary election due March 19 and the general election due Nov 5.

A total of five Illinois voters, Steven Daniel Anderson, Charles J. Holley, Jack L Hickman, Ralph E Cintron and Darryl P. Baker, have demanded the State Board of Elections to prevent Donald Trump from holding a ballot in the coming elections, calling it the “insurrectionist ban.”

After becoming the 34th state to challenge him, they justified their arguments by mentioning his role in the Capitol riot in Jan 2021, which condemned the 14th Amendment. The voters have written a petition and mentioned the incident as the reason for his removal and asked the Illinois Board of Election to take action regarding their appeal.

The details of the Riot

The Capitol building, in Washington D.C. was under attack by the supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump, after his defeat in the 2020 elections. 

The move was made to keep Trump in power by rigging the counting of votes which was unsuccessful. Investigation into the matter revealed the attack to be a move by Trump to overturn the election result.

The Current Scenario 

Their lawyers described the move as a “diverse group of voters,” after teaming up with the Free Speech for People organization as well as two other law firms, according to the reports. The group on Thursday questioned his eligibility to appear at the Massachusetts ballots too. 

Response from other states 

The effort to remove him has resonated in the whole country, adding more pressure to the Supreme Court that has already been weighed down by the state court of Colorado, which declared Trump ineligible to run for the elections. The hearing would decide the fate of all 50 states.

Maine’s Democratic secretary of state, Shenna Bellows, removed Trump from the state’s ballot for the 2020 riot, becoming the second state to disqualify him. Oregon also took action for the same.

Matthew Piers, a civil rights and constitutional attorney, whose firm was the brain behind drafting the objection, commented on Trump’s unconstitutional behaviour, calling it a threat to the republic.

 Trump has appealed to the Supreme Court regarding his disqualification from Colorado and Maine in an attempt to save himself. 

The final decision rests with the Supreme Court. CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller concluded the whole scenario to be a continued chaos unless the Supreme Court passes a judgement which needs to be decided soon.

The 14th Amendment provision has not been used in recent times but today has become the central theme surrounding Trump’s candidacy. The states are stubborn, not letting the matter rest unless his action regarding the Capitol attack is punished. In total, courts of 14 other states have yet to announce the judgement regarding Trump’s candidacy, according to Lawfare.

Matt Dietrich, a spokesperson of the Illinois State Board of Elections, while addressing the press, said that the board has been preparing to hear 32 other objections regarding the Trump issue on Jan 11. 

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