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Hunter Biden Visits Capitol Hill, marks a split between the Teams

Hunter Biden visits Capitol Hills

Hunter Biden went to Capitol Hill this week and his trip has been highlighting how his approach to the GOP investigations into his business dealings is not dependent on the White House.

The son of the president has already been to Capitol Hill in the last month two times. It shows how he is eager to defend himself without coordinating with the White House.

His arrival was a surprise to the White House

The arrival of Hunter was unknown by the White House during the Wednesday hearing of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. Members were assured of holding him in contempt of Congress as he defied a subpoena last month. No one at the White House had any clue about the sudden visit, according to sources.

It is not a surprise that the White House officials were clueless about the trip. Even though the son of the President has a close relationship with his parents, he does not seek legal advice from the White House.


Hunter will be accepting a new subpoena

The Republicans advanced the resolution to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress after he was spotted at the hearing. Hunter stated that he would be accepting a new subpoena along with giving the testimony to Congress.

Hunter’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, sent a letter to Oversight Committee Chair James Comer and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan where the decision was stated. The letter claimed for a public deposition/hearing where the rounds of questions should be alternate for Republicans and Democrats along with similar rules.

The response recorded from Comer and Jordan was that they are planning to move forward with holding Hunter in contempt of Congress.

Lawmakers call it an “effective strategy”

An ex-White House staff member discussed that the White House advising Hunter would be weird. Even Democrats on the Oversight Committee were unaware of the surprise visit.

Several lawmakers were impressed by the visit and called it an “effective strategy” for undercutting the arguments put forward by the Republicans that Hunter is not willing to cooperate.

The President was familiar with what his son was going to say but it is not confirmed whether he knew about his son’s visit or not. There was a former administration communication staffer who stated that Hunter’s team and the White House team and completely separate.

There has been no response from the White House regarding the coordination between Hunter and them. No answer has been received per his claims on his opinion of the press shop.

The subpoenas were issued for Biden back in November by the Judiciary and Oversight Committee. Additionally, the House had voted for this impeachment inquiry into the President to be authorized in December.

Then there were months of investigation that looked into the Biden family’s foreign business dealings and how the tax crimes into Hunter were looked at by the Department of Justice.

It was also noted by the Democrats that Comer previously offered Biden the option to testify in any manner he wanted to.  Hunter has made more public appearances in the recent week sice the impeachment inquiry has been ramped up to his father.

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