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Hunter Biden Agrees for ‘Private Talks’ with the Republicans Amidst Gun and Drug Charges

In a recent turn of events, Hunter Biden has reportedly, agreed to appear before House Republicans to carry out a private deposition in the month of February. This agreement has ended months of defiance from the current President’s son who had repeatedly denied ‘private talks’ and insisted on testifying publicly.

According to the reports released by the House Oversight Committee, it was confirmed that the two opposing parties have agreed to see Hunter Biden sit for a deposition on February 28th, 2024. The news was also confirmed by Hunter Biden’s legal team on Thursday. Representative James Comer publicly addressed this agreement, stating that the current US President’s son Hunter Biden is a key witness in this investigation. Comer also added that this agreement will shed light on some substantial questions that have remained unanswered for a long time now.

The ‘Biden’ Political Strategy 

The Republicans had been set to advance a contempt resolution against Hunter Biden to the House floor, but they called it off this Tuesday to extend the negotiation window a little further. If the Republicans had gone ahead with voting on the contempt resolution, the referral would have been forwarded to the Justice Department where the US attorney for the District of Columbia would have taken up the decision whether to prosecute Hunter Biden or not.

Republicans, who were led by Comer and Jordan throughout the case, initially subpoenaed Hunter Biden in November 2023. They raised the demand that Biden should appear before lawmakers in a private setting by December 2023. However, Hunter Biden and his legal team refused to go ahead with the private interview, stating that this private interview could be used to spread selective information and manipulated by House Republicans. Hunter Biden stood firm on his stance of appearing and testifying publicly.

The President’s son also came forward in media and addressed the allegations that were placed against him. Hunter Biden was quoted saying that there is “no evidence to support the allegations” that he and his father Joe Biden, who is currently serving as President of the United States, were ever involved in any financial wrongdoings.

The Biden Campaign Vs The Biden Case 

The Impeachment inquiry into the President, which has been under proceeding since September 2023, has heavily focused on Hunter Biden and all the international business affairs that he has conducted over the years. The Republicans heavily attacked the President, accusing him of financially exploiting from his son’s international business affairs. So far, no proof has been unearthed that President Joe Biden was ever involved in any fraudulent behavior/activity.

Currently, Hunter Biden is facing criminal charges in two US states from the special counsel investigation unit. The younger Biden has been charged with firearm counts in the state of Delaware, alleging that he broke state laws against drug users having guns back in 2018, a period that, according to Hunter Biden’s memoir, was a period of him struggling with drug addiction. According to latest reports and media articles released surrounding the case, Hunter Biden has plead not guilty to both of these charges.

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