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Heroic actions of a Portland teen saved a baby from getting electrocuted

Parents of baby boy killed after being electrocuted

A baby boy’s parents were electrocuted by a power line during an ice storm in Oregon. A US teen has been hailed as a hero for saving him. Majiah Washington is an 18-year-old girl. She was inside her house. She ran out of her home to check on the nine-month-old after she saw his parents both shocked by the line. The event took place on Wednesday.

The boy’s parents and uncle were all killed as they had slipped and touched the wire. She pulled the boy to safety after seeing the incident. There had been at least 10 deaths in Oregon due to the storm.

The governor declared a state-wide emergency on Thursday after the wintery barrage resulted in daylong power outages and icy rain.

Ms Washington saw the power line on the SUV through her window

Ms Washington saw a flash outside of her home in Portland during the storm. When she looked out her window she saw that a downed power line was resting on top of a SUV.

The boy’s father exited the car and tried to take the baby up the slick driveway. However, an unfortunate event occurred as he slipped on ice and his foot touched the downed power line.

Tajaliayh Briggs, the baby’s 21-year-old mother, tried to reach the boy but even she slipped and both his parents were electrocuted by the power line. Ms Briggs was six months pregnant at the time of her death, according to The Associated Press.

When both the parents were electrocuted, Ms Briggs’ 15-year-old brother, Ta’Ron Briggs, ran out to help them. Even he accidentally touched the wire due to the extreme icy conditions.


An electrical circuit formed between the parents and the car

The Portland Fire and Rescue said in a statement that the individuals who were affected were occupants of the SUV. They exited the vehicle following the branch which resulted in the live power line down upon their vehicle.

“When the feet of the individuals touched the ground, and their bodies were touching the car they became part of the

An active electrical circuit was formed when the feet of the individuals touched the ground, and their bodies were touching the car which resulted in their deaths.”

Ms Washington was on the phone with an emergency dispatch operator. Her instinct kicked in when she saw the child move. She decided to go to rescue him despite what she had just witnessed. She has a nephew herself along with little brothers. She would have wanted somebody to do the same thing and she hoped somebody would do the same thing.

Ms Washington’s actions are described as heroic

She crouched down and kind of slid. She used her hands to break her fall. She did not land on top of the baby’s father but her hands landed on top of him and she grabbed the baby. She pulled him up, swaddled him, and then she walked him up the hill.

The child was later examined at a hospital. He is in a stable condition.

A spokesperson for Portland Fire and Rescue, Rick Graves,  said that he did not know how Ms Washington nor the baby were not electrocuted. Her actions have been described as “heroic”.

Ronald Briggs was the father of Tajaliayh Briggs and Ta’Ron Briggs. He is Ms Washington’s neighbor. He has six kids in total and he lost two of them on the same day.

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