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Henious Crime Against An Innocent Puppy Shocked California, Accused Still On The Run

A violent act of cruelty against a vulnerable 4 months old puppy created shockwaves in the Californian community. On 2nd January, Tuesday, around 11:50 am, the suspected accused was reported to be engaging in a bickering with another individual. Onlookers said that the situation quickly aggravated as the accused, later identified as David Sumlin, progressively grew frantic as the argument carried on and the situation escalated quickly as he took out a firearm and threatened the person he was fighting with.

The violent act

Upon further investigation, officials could not be able to find out the reason behind the dispute between the accused and the victim of physical assault. The victim informed that during the ongoing argument, Sumlin picked up a pillow and covered a 4 month-old puppy with it. Then he proceeded to threaten the individual stating,”It;s either you or the dog”. After that Sumlin fired two shots at the pillow and as the dire situation took a worse turn, one of the shots injured the little puppy, seriously injuring and endangering its life.

Response of the concerned authority

After reporting of the incident police officers quickly reached the crime scene along with animal rescuers and veterinarian doctors to look after the injury of the puppy. The puppy still continues to duel for its life under critical condition.The accused fled from the crime scene when police reached there and still remains out of the reach of law enforcement officials. Police seeked public assistance in locating and identifying the 32 year old male. Central Area Officers sent the puppy to an animal shelter for its proper care.

Animal lovers are grieving deeply

The heinous crime has deeply affected the animal lover community of California and the advocates fighting for animal rights are being very vocal about it. They shared their thoughts with the public media questioning the mental wellbeing of the accused individual as committing such a violent crime against a defenseless puppy does not sound like a right state of mind. They further expressed their concerns about the fact that the individual is still running free, endangering more innocent lives of animals. Some feared that similar situations would take place if the accused is not captured soon and it is only a matter of time till a human being becomes his next target.

Accused is still on the run

Police had published an official report as seeked public help for capturing Sumlin. In the report, he was described as six feet seven inches tall and about 200 pounds. Police also stated that he often frequents the 7th Street area, Stanford Avenue and the Downtown Los Angeles area. Sumlin is currently facing some serious charges of domestic violence and animal cruelty. Police also announced a handsome price to anyone who could provide them with useful information. The authorities assured the animal lover community that police are trying their very best to locate the accused criminal and he will be brought to proper justice if found guilty.

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