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Heater Read 1000 Degrees, Elderly Couple Found Dead in their Bedroom

Elderly couple found dead in their bedroom

Winters are at their peak now and much equipment is required to keep the heat intact. However, these types of equipment can turn out to be fatal in many ways. A case has been reported in South Carolina where an elderly couple was found dead in their house. Their heater measures over 1,000 F (537.8 C) and hence, that was the cause of their death.

A welfare check was organized by South Carolina’s police officials in the northern city of Spartanburg. The check was done on a house located on Woodview Avenue as the family members of the deceased couple suspected something wrong was going on as they had not heard from their parents for about a week. When the officials reached the location, the door was locked from the inside. The officials made their way inside the house through an unlocked bedroom window. The interior of the house was described as “extremely hot” by the officials.

The house was fuming

The dead couple was found in their bedroom. The man was unclothed, lying in his bed with his face upwards whereas the woman was fully clothed and was drooping in a chair placed beside the bed. There were no signs of struggle noticed by the authorities. There was not even a hint of foul play or poisoning due to carbon monoxide. Even the carbon dioxide levels of the house were not fatal enough, yet the couple was not breathing.

When the body temperatures of the couple were measured, the medics registered it up to 106 F (41 C) as seen in the police report. The interior temperature of the house was measured to be around 120 F (48.9 C) by the fire officials. This was shocking as the house was exposed to the cold weather of South Carolina for about 20 minutes. The basement was looked upon by the authorities. The heater and the water heater had been located in the basement. The authorities reported that the “heater was so hot it looked as if the basement was currently on fire”. The heater was deactivated. The temperature of the heater exceeded 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The strong odor of the gas was tough to handle. The air of the house had to be cleared out.

Family members repaired the water heater last week

The family members of the deceased couple helped them with their heater problems last Wednesday. The house’s heater and water heater were not working properly which made the atmosphere of the residence freezing to reside in. The water heater’s pilot light was out, therefore, they fiddled with it to get a productive outcome. They moved a wire and the heater turned on. The family members thought the issue had been resolved, and headed back home.

The couple already had a lot of health issues and could not move around much. The man had recently fallen and the woman underwent hip surgery. The couple has been identified as 84-year-old Joan Littlejohn and 82-year-old Glennwood Fowler. The fault in the heater has not been identified yet. More tests will be done which will determine the real cause of death and the contents of CO2 in the body will also be checked.

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