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Harvard’s Claudine Gay doomed due to plagiarism allegations

Complaint filed against Claudine Gay

The plagiarism accused, former Harvard President Claudine Gay is battling through a complaint registered against her. It was dropped on Monday. This resulted in Claudine Gay giving her resignation letter on Tuesday. The complaint consists of 30 pages which alleged 12 new research misconduct. These complaints not only defame Gay but also point a finger at Harvard as an Institution. It is designed to exact compromise followed by Claudine Gay’s departure.

First “formal” complaint

The conservative news outlet of the Washington Free Beacon also had a previous formal complaint. The complaint said that the Harvard officials along with the board members were not able to answer the editor’s, Eliana Johnson, staff questions. The reason given was that the university has grown accustomed to growing without any “scrutiny”. The inquiries put up by FreeBeacon were not answered by the officials. This led to them filing the first formal complaint.

Hence, the new complaint was followed by this formal complaint. The new complaint went beyond Gay and insisted that “an investigation should be opened to determine whether any Harvard personnel subject to the policy on research misconduct failed to report ‘observed, suspected, or apparent research misconduct’ by Claudine Gay.”

Gay accused of plagiarism

Claudine Gay was accused of plagiarizing his work, which is still not proven, which resulted in fingers pointing at the maturity and ethics of Harvard. After Gay spoke against these accusations and denied them, she went through a major public backlash. The testimony says that she has 50 instances of plagiarism in her scholarship. The conflicts in Harvard’s examination process have resulted in influencing the failures in Harvard examination with “unresolved personal, professional, or financial conflicts of interest.”

According to Michael Goodwin’s words in the New York Times, he quotes, “Despite the scandalous plagiarism findings, the same people who picked her continue to protect her — and themselves. Because they did such a shoddy job of vetting her, the board members are refusing to honestly evaluate her history and performance because it would make them look bad for hiring her in the first place.”

Harvard supported Gay to protect her from the accusations. It took almost 5 weeks for the process of registering the complaints and acting accordingly.

“So we now know for certain that the board’s investigation was a sham. Gay and Harvard, who conveniently omitted to mention any of this in their timeline of events to the Chronicle of Higher Education, had already made up their minds before launching their investigation. That’s why they let their lawyer tell the Post that the allegations were ‘demonstrably false’ days before an investigation even began. The investigation was just for show.”

The allegations were made in mid-December when Gay wrote “I stand by the integrity of my scholarship. Throughout my career, I have worked to ensure my scholarship adheres to the highest academic standards.”

The main concern of people is that Gay plagiarized the material for her academics and it is considered that plagiarism outside of academia is not always considered inside of academia. A Political Science professor from Harvard named David Coon is least concerned about the passages in Gay’s scholarship. According to him, they are too far away to look plagiarized. The paper looks nowhere academically plagiarized.

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