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Guidelines Issued for New York’s Worst Region to Reside in During a Nuclear Attack

Unsafe region of New York City

Nuclear attacks have come up in many discussions multiple times. The concerns regarding the possibility of such attacks have put the officials as well as the local public in a state of worry. A specific location’s name came up, in New York, when a list was published that told which place in New York is the least safe space to reside in whenever a nuclear attack might take place. Multiple factors have been taken into account while making the list, which includes concurrence to targets that might be attacked first, the number of people residing in that area, and whether certain emergency services are available.

The conclusion that was drawn after this list was published was that these areas are not ready to handle the effect a nuclear attack will have. Additional planning must be done and multiple resources must be provided to these regions so that the residents stay safe.

Guideline released by the State

A thorough guideline has been released by New York officials for the residents of the Empire State so that they can keep themselves protected when such attacks take place in their area. The instructions on what measures can be taken when one experiences such an attack have been given in the guidelines. It also tells what one must do when they have to minimize the amount of radiation exposure and, if one has to find a shelter when there is a case of emergency what he should do. These guidelines are necessary for the locals to survive such a situation.

Many inclusive tips have been shared by the state of New York for all the people in this region. The tips are an important way to learn the preparation methods on what to do before, after, and during the nuclear attack. An emergency kit tutorial has also been given which should include stuff like water, non-perishable food, and, first aid supplies. One should have this emergency kit handy to survive an attack. It is also advised the people that they should be updated with the latest news and should always follow instructions given by the local authorities.

If a nuclear attack might happen, the first step that should be taken by the people is to find shelter as soon as possible. If one has been exposed to harmful radiation, then they should know how to decontaminate themselves and stay protected. The tips also include how one can protect themselves from all these radiations in the first place.

The news of the region being the worst to reside in during an attack is horrifying for all the residents. Hence, they should be aware of all the measures that one can take under such circumstances. Some crucial tips that one should follow are:


1)Get Inside

Get Inside Fast

Get Into a Building

Move Away from Windows


2) Stay Inside

Shut Doors and Windows

Go To the Middle Of The Building

Get Clean

Remove Clothing and Shower

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3) Stay Tuned

Follow The Media

Sign Up for Notify NYC

Officials Will Send Wireless Emergency Alerts

Stay Put



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