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Governor Phil Murphy ‘Busy’ with a Lawsuit Against NYC While the New Jersey Transit Waits for Essential Funds to Initiate Required Developments

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy took control almost six years ago as a Democrat who promised to save public transit in his state of New Jersey. But ever since he entered the office, there has been a significant decline his popularity. The New Jersey Governor is being held responsible for worsening the already dysfunctional regional transit system that serves New York City.

The problem started with Murphy’s state, more specifically, with New Jersey Transit. The New Jersey transit is a state agency that runs the United States’ second-largest commuter train service and a widespread network of bus routes. The agency, which Murphy promised to fix, is currently facing a $100 million budget deficit for the upcoming year, which is expected to further grow up to $1 billion as years roll by.

The Neglected Transit of a Growing State

This has been a cause of concern for authorities and residents of both New York and New Jersey since a lot of New York based businesses rely on New Jersey Transit to commute workers across the two states.

When Murphy took office in 2018, he had actively worked to make the necessary changes in the transit system. He had hired engineers, improved overall train safety, diverted hundreds of dollars of toll revenue to New Jersey Transit, and even convinced Former President Donald Trump to extend support to the Gateway Program. This program was introduced to carry out a regional upgrade of the passenger rail network. Although nobody can deny contributions in the past, recent actions have undone a lot of that past development.

Several new Jersey Democrats, including two previous leaders of the New Jersey Senate, had also suggested plans to help create a new source to fund the ailing New Jersey Transit, but no plan was ever put into action. Murphy is yet to unveil his own plan to improve the transit.

Limited Time, Lawsuits, and Evaded Responsibility 

While he has failed to meet the expectations of his fellow Democrats and voters, Murphy has also inserted himself into a controversial debate about a plan introduced by the New York officials. According to this plan, travelers will be charged exorbitant new tolls if they wish to enter lower Manhattan. This plan was introduced in hopes of generating an approximate revenue of $15 billion, which will be used by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to fund upgrades for New York’s subway and bus systems.

Although several suburban New York democrats had voiced their opinion against congestion pricing, Murphy was the only one who went ahead and filed a lawsuit against this political decision to charge drivers an additional $15 in an election year. In response to Murphy’s lawsuit, the MTA argued that new jersey was given a chance to voice their opinion on the matter, but no official statement was ever delivered.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy still has two years left before his electoral term comes to an end. As time rolls by, the Murphy administration will be pressurized to either make some changes within the existing transit system by getting the required funds, or to let things run as they continue to run.

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