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Government Officials Are Urging California People to Obtain Real IDs As Soon As Possible

Citizens are becoming more aware of the Real IDs

California citizens are now being encouraged by government officials to obtain their federally compliant identification document or a “Real ID”. According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, a sudden surge had been witnessed as the citizens had become more eager to get their Real IDs. Till now, more than 16 million California citizens have accomplished their identities, which is a noticeable increase in number to the last month. The DMV Director Steve Gordon addressed the common people and assured them that getting a real ID is much more likely to be a successful New Year resolution of 2024. He assured citizens that obtaining a Real ID is only a “matter of minutes” whereas other resolutions like losing weight or saving money often take a much longer time.

Why is it needed?

The Real ID Act was introduced by the Congress government in the year of 2005. The Real ID established extra security standards and verification processes for significant documents like driver’s licenses and other identification proof. As these IDs meet many federal requirements, the ID holder can easily gain access while boarding domestic flights and they can take advantage of several federal requirements. So holding a Real ID COMES with its perks and the concerned authority has also published detailed step-by-step guidelines for assisting citizens so that they can acquire the IDs easily.

An example of Real ID

What is the process?

The residents of California who are willing to obtain the IDs are advised to visit the official website to get their cards in a hassle-free way. The willing applicants are directed towards the website of and there they have to upload the required documents. If applicants are not comfortable with the online process then they can visit the DMV office with the required documents and submit them there to get their Real IDs. The online process of uploading documents only takes up to five minutes. 

Required documents 

The documents that are usually asked for to obtain the IDs are listed below : 

  • Identity Proof: One certified original document is to be submitted (Like a passport, birth certificate, etc.), Legal name change documents are required if the present name of the applicant differs from the name mentioned in the original document (such as a marriage certificate, adoption card, etc)
  • Proof of California Residency: Two documents have to be submitted that prove that the applicant is a genuine resident of California. Electricity bills and bank statements can act as such documents
  • Social security numbers have to be submitted (exceptional cases will be considered)

If the applicants have any further doubts or clarification, they can visit the official site and they can go through the comprehensive document explaining the process in detail there. 

The deadline for applying for the IDs is October 1, 2024. The authorities announced that if citizens already had his or her identity cards they could start availing benefits regarding domestic flights, they do not have to wait till 7th May 2025, which marks the federal enforcement date of the identity cards. The citizens are advised to plan ahead of their schedule and plan properly so that they can avoid any last-minute rush.

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