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Goku Seen Facing Off Monstrous New Villains In New Dragon Ball Daima Trailer

Dragon Ball Daima panel revealed

The Dragon Ball Daima panel was revealed after the trailer was released. As one can see, as presented by Dragon Ball executive producer Akio Toyuki, the panel showcases a young Goku in action. You can see how he eats and fights off a group of monsters.

A real emphasis on movement in the trailer can be experienced by the viewers as Goku flips and brawls with his monstrous assaulter. After the panel, Toei Animation released the trailer to their Youtube channel for fans to enjoy.


Art of younger characters shown

The art of the characters in their younger forms was shown following the trailer. Very appealing designs for the younger versions of Goku, Krillin, Mr. Satan, Android 18, Chi-Chi, and Majin Buu were shown off. In addition to that, artwork of the monsters Goku that faced off against were also shown off. However, Toyuki was deliberately evasive about giving any kind of details about them.

The most interesting thing about the trailer and artwork shown are the villains. The monsters that Goku face appear to be much more monstrous than the original ones that the fans are used to seeing in Dragon Ball.

Villain designs are extremely distinctive

Although the villain designs are distinctly Toriyama, the green and the red monsters look more like they belong from the Monster Quest than ones from Dragon Ball.

It can be seen clearly that the purple creatures seem far more civilized and organized. Their ears and lavender skin tone might immediately draw comparisons to Beerus, but their lack of tails and distinct snouts just states that any kind of visual similarity is just a coincidence.

The trailer and the new designs have given a sense of excitement to several fans. However, this all feels more like hints are being dropped at something rather than anything concrete.

Executive producer evasive about the villains

Executive producer of Dragon Ball, Akio Toyuki, was Highly secretive about the villains. Hence, it is possible that these villains might share a larger connection to the series’ lore.

One possibility that comes up is that Daima is ready to set the stage for the return of Dabura. Dabura was king of the Demon Realm. So one conclusion that can be drawn is that the demonic assailants Goku faces in the trailer could be out to resurrect the Demon King.


Final villain not confirmed yet

Daima’s final villain is not confirmed yet. However, regardless of that, the trailer displays how much potential Daima has. Rather than being a remould of the series’ greatest hits like G.T. and even Super to a certain extent, Daima seems to be taking Dragon Ball in a new direction.

Daima does not match the ambiance of anything else in the series. The animation is up to mark and the choreography is just a delight to watch. Therefore, no matter which villain Goku faces at the end of Dragon Ball Daima, this new trailer that has had everyone in the chokehold should assure fans that at least the new anime is going to be a visual marvel.

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