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From The Controversial US-Mexican Wall, To Demeaning Titles Like ‘DeSanctimonious’: Key US Political Players Indulge in Banter as The New Political Strategy for The Upcoming Elections

PENSACOLA, FL - NOVEMBER 03: Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis speaks with U.S. President Donald Trump at a campaign rally at the Pensacola International Airport on November 3, 2018 in Pensacola, Florida. President Trump is campaigning in support of Republican candidates in the upcoming midterm elections. (Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images)

Ever since the start of his presidential campaign, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida was seen targeting his competitor and ex-president of the United States of America, Donald J Trump. Although DeSantis held his tongue back when referring to the man leading him by 40 points in many national Republican primary polls, the governor was able to get a round of applause from his supporters who had gathered to listen to him, in all of his recent speeches in California, South Carolina, Florida and Iowa.

Mr. DeSantis has, throughout his career, talked about Mr. Trump helping him secure his political rise when asked about the ex-president in his interviews. However, there has been a shift in his tone during his recent campaigns. During his recent campaign, the Florida governor highlighted how Mr. Trump had during his term, pledged to make Mexico pay for the infamous US-Mexico border wall, but later announced that the suggestion could not be followed through. During this campaign, Mr. DeSantis proposed to resolve this issue by imposing fees on remittances back to Mexico.

Criticism Is the New Political Strategy

Although a lot of political players and experts agree that criticizing a rival in political campaigns might not be the best strategy for many political players, but Mr. Trump is not an easy target either. Leading republicans have time and again tried to figure out how to challenge the ex-president but so far, Mr. Trump is winning the campaign race against his competitors. Thus, a Republican politician blindly targeting Mr. Trump could lead to disastrous political consequences, since the ex-president’s loyal supporters make up an overwhelming majority of the G.O.P. base, which could jeopardize the political future of the Republican Party.

However, in the case of Governor DeSantis, the crowd that he addressed in his most recent campaigns turned out to be quite supportive of his respectful jabs at Mr. Trump, which suggests a subtle political shift in the US political arena. A change where not so popular contenders can criticize the leading giants of the race without being alienated by the voters. In his more recent appearances and interviews, DeSantis also criticized Trump for skipping debates, and taking a more passive-aggressive approach towards his competitors.

Increasing Pressure and Impending Elections 

A lot of political experts and analysts have analyzed these comments by DeSantis as a new strategy taken up by the Republican Party to take up certain key policy points from Mr. Trump’s presidency. In addition to this, Trump’s competitors, including DeSantis, have also taken up the Trump’s attempts at handling the coronavirus pandemic, and the increased national debt during his term, as additional points to try and sideline the popular political figure. The Florida governor has been praised in media for keeping his comments against Mr. Trump respectful, without indulging in name-calling or delivering personal attacks. Apart from a few non-personal jabs at Mr. Trump, DeSantis’s speeches have primarily been focused on issues such as inflation, immigration and President Biden’s ability to handle the rigors of the White House.

However, Mr. Trump has also taken it upon himself to hit back at Mr. DeSantis. During one of his campaigns, the ex-president gave Mr. DeSantis the demeaning nickname “DeSanctimonious.” He also expressed his confidence in Mr. DeSantis would soon drop out of the political race, calling him a “wounded bird” that is slowly descending in the political race.

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