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Former Clerk Facing a payment of $360,000 for Denying License to Same-Sex Marriage

A former clerk of Rowan County, Kim Davis, was asked to pay an amount of more than $360,000 for refusing to issue license to same-sex couples.

A Heavy Lawsuit

US Supreme Court had granted same-sex couple the right to marry after the 2015 Obergefell v. Hodges case. However, despite the right given to them, Kim Davis refused to issue the marriage license to a same-sex couple. Due to this she has to pay a total of $260,104 to attorneys who represented a couple, along with $100,000 for violating the constitutional right of the couple who won against her as ruled down by U.S. District Judge David L.Bunning of Kentucky.

David Ermold and David Moore were the couple who tried to get the marriage license when Davis was the clerk. Her refusal to grant the license was seen as a violation of the right. She justified her action as she found it as a violation to her religious rights. Later, however, due to her unlawful behavior she was ordered by a judge to issue licenses.

Her Unformidable Attitude Towards Law

Her decision of denying granting the licenses led her to spent five days in jail in 2015 and also clarified the fact that her decision was deliberate as the right to marry was established before her actions. She was of the belief that only marriage between a man and a woman is considered legitimate.

The case was carried on since 2015 and the judgement was passed as the latest decision by the court. Davis’s attorney was against the fee requested by the couple’s lawyer, but the judge prevailed with his judgement in favor of the couple.

The Rightful Decision

David Ermold and David Moore married in October 2015

Bunning declared Davis’s decision as unlawful and deliberate in 2022 and said she could not use   self-proclaimed rights against the lawful rights while being on duty. Davis had taken the ruling to the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals but was denied any proceedings for the same. The couple were said to be emotionally distressed by the incident and held Davis responsible for the humiliation they had to face.

She had stood up for a re-election in 2018 but had lost the election leading to the termination of her post as the clerk. Elwood Caudill Jr. was elected as the clerk of Kentucky county.

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