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Forecast Timing Drastically Changed After The East Heading Winter Storm Had Exponentially Sped Up

Snowstorm blanketing America had increased its speed

The unpredictable nature of the winter storm grasping The United States of America has again caught the weather forecasters and the meteorologists off guard.

The ever changing nature of the storm had caused it to change course again, as the storm had begun to move west to east overnight by January 18, Thursday morning. 

What do the forecast models say?

The forecast models that the experts had been using predicted that the storm would arrive on the eastern side of the United States by January 19th, Friday. The storm then gained some sudden strength and sped up pretty quickly as it continued its journey towards west to east.

The forecasters had been working to update the forecast model systems so that it can catch up with the trace of the storm. 

The reports of snowfall in different areas

The reporters had informed the amount of snowfall that could be expected in different parts of America. Particular areas in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania might witness around 6-inches of snowfall and accumulation of snow bed. Some other parts like West Virginia and Southern Pennsylvania might have to struggle through some heavier snowfall causing around a foot thick accumulation. 

Understanding of the new model

The newer model that had been developed to track the storm shows the areas with lighter snowfall in lighter shades of blue and the areas with heavier snowfall in darker shades of blue.

The system has been developed in such a way that the common people have no problem in understanding the weather conditions. 

The predictions of the new model

The new model of forecasting weather reports and tracking storms had still been witnessing difficulties in the accuracy of projected path, timing and strength.

The National Weather Services had reported that on Wednesday, 17th January, the Americans would get to enjoy a sunny day with highest temperatures around mid 20s. However, they had been alerted that the clouds would return to the sky on the very next day, January 18th, and it might wrap America in another snow blanket. 

The wintery experience of America

The United States of America had been going through a chilly winter season after experiencing relatively warm temperatures during the dawn of December. During the holiday seasons, many complained about the probability of not getting snowfall on the christmas.

However, citizens had been enjoying the snowfall and the chilly weather soon after the New Year started. The families had been seen enjoying the snow beds with their little ones by participating in snowball fights and building snowmen. 

Cautionary measures are being taken 

However, the growing strength of the storm had worried the weather reporters. They had alerted people to stay indoors if possible and advised them to store proper foods and medicine for emergency purposes. Authorities had been extra careful in maintaining the roads after snowfall.

They had appointed several snow plow trucks on the important roads so that the roads steer clear of the snow particles and the drivers do not feel unsafe while driving on a slippery road. 

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