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First Snowfall Projections Released For Brand-New Winter Storm Headed To Northeast

New snowstorm to hit many regions of America

It has been predicted that the Northeast region of America is going to be hit by a new storm. The first snowfall projections have been made for the same.

We all know how the weather in the States has been at its coldest. By the weather plan that has marked the start of peak winters in the new year, the storm is going to make the States more than freezing to reside in.

As reported by the latest weather forecast, a fierce storm is expected to hit the region on Friday, January 19th, precisely at noon. The storm is expected to have high intensity high throughout the day, and it may even linger into the evening, making Friday night particularly frigid.

It is advised by the authorities to take all necessary precautions and stay indoors during the storm so that the residents do not have any severe problems.

The areas of St. Louis, Nashville, Columbus, Portland, Boston, and New York City are expected to experience a widespread 1 to 3 inches of snowfall. In some regions of these places, the amount of snow can increase depending on the location of the same.

Western New York can get a snowfall of up to 6 inches. It has broken its 728-day dry streak already.

Many regions are going to be fully covered by snow

According to the latest weather forecast, the southern regions of Pennsylvania and West Virginia are expected to be fully covered with a deep layer of snow, which has been predicted to reach up to one foot in thickness.

This snowfall which is expected to be very intense is anticipated to be the most substantial accumulation of snowfall across the United States. The residents in these areas have been advised to take necessary precautions to ensure their safety and well-being during this extremely cold weather.

Precipitation has been at its peak since Tuesday, January 16 in the States. The most recent storm that arrived was on Monday night January 15. In the areas that are located farther south, freezing rain has been experienced. The cold storm has even led the schools to shut down. Around 2,600 flights have been canceled.

Freezing rain along with snow is expected

The National Weather Service issued a statement on Tuesday afternoon that predicted that along with the rain, “Some sleet could mix in from time to time.

Any untreated surfaces will become icy and slippery. Proceed with extra caution while outside. Motorists should drive slowly and allow for extra spacing between vehicles.”

Wednesday, January 17, is supposed to be sunny and cold. The high temperature will only range from mid-20s. The chill values are predicted to be in single digits and teens. The weather is not predicted to get warmer anytime soon this week.

There is no prediction of any sun rays to be seen on Thursday, January 18. However, the high temperatures will be around 30 degrees.

The storm is predicted to push out early Saturday morning on January 20. That day would probably be mostly sunny with occasional winds. The high temperatures will only be somewhere around the low 20s on Saturday.

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