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Fear Grapled Locals As EBRSO Identified The Victim of The Fatal Shooting

22 year old man was found dead

Tragedy hit a calm and peaceful community in East Baton Rouge as a 22 year old man, later identified by the police as Malaakk Ross, was found fatally dead at the doorstep of his own apartment. The incident shocked the neighbors as they came to the realization that what they once called a “safe haven” had now witnessed the gruesome and mysterious killing of an individual. The East Baton Rouge Sheriff Office is now in charge of the investigation and the office’s spokesperson had announced that the identity of the killer and the reason behind the murder still remains unclear. 

The incident

The deputies in charge of the case suspected that the murder took place around 11:40 pm, Monday, in the 8600 block of Old Hermitage Parkway near Gardere Lane. After questioning the nearby neighbors they got to know that there were some repetitive sounds of shooting that scared them. As some of the locals quickly took cover in their home to ensure their safety, some reported the police so that they could take proper action. As the police arrived at the scene, they found the victim’s body fatally wounded. The medical experts quickly took him to the nearby hospital where he was later declared dead. 

Locals are shocked

After identification of the victim, the officer in charge of the case had expressed deep condolences with the family and loved ones of Ross. The neighbors remembered him as a family oriented and respectable man. The local residents had remembered to emotionally support the family of the deceased and they arranged for memorials and candle march vigils.They are shocked about the sudden occurrence of such a tragic incident that hit too close to the home. Before the incident, this part of East Baton Rouge was commonly known as a peaceful, suburban neighborhood. 

Crime scene

Investigation still in process

The police are trying their best as they continue to investigate the case. The officers in charge of the case believed that the murder was not accidental and the victim was a very intended target. The detectives are trying to follow all the leads while sincerely studying the circumstances around the crime. They are also combing through the surveillance footage of the CCTV cameras so that they could at least identify the person who shot at the victim and fled the crime scene. 

Safety is being assured

The chief of the sheriff’s office stated that they will use all the resources they have so that they can bring justice to the family of the victim. He added that such an incident happening in such a peaceful neighborhood is a quite shocking turn of events. He assured that he had increased the number of armed guards patrolling through the streets till the culprit was identified and captured. Law enforcement officials had confirmed that the safety of the families would be preserved carefully. Currently the residents are praying that the culprit is quickly traced and arrested as they continue to heal from such a major loss.

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