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FDNY Made Surgical Masks Necessary For All The Workers Who Offer Pre-Hospital Treatment in New York

Surgical masks are made to be mandatory

The Fire Department of New York had announce that all the first responders, which includes all the health care and fire truck officials have to wear surgical masks mandatorily while they are on their duties. After New York City witnessed a sudden surge in covid cases along with other flus and virus influenced respiratory issues, followed by the holiday season, the concerned authorities are taking cautionary measures. 

Who are considered as “first-responders”

The notice came in on Friday stating that all the fire-responders, doctors, paramedics or police officers who are trained in first hand medical care have to wear surgical masks, preferably N95 while they are attending the victims and the patients. Whether FDNY has enough N95 masks to distribute it among all the first-responders, still remains a matter of curiosity. 

Why do they need to mask themselves up?

The first responders are often the first persons who find themselves at the most vulnerable and exposed position in case they are handling a patient who has been infected with the contagious disease. They risk their life for securing and protecting the citizens in need. Many had praised the decision taken by FDNY and had taken a step to secure the safety of the officials who provide people with pre-hospital emergency treatment. 

Last time, FDNY had announced wearing masks to be mandatory with the surge of Covid 19 victims back in 2020. The announcement mandated wearing surgical masks and covering faces for all the health care professionals when they are at the hospital premises or going in or out of the hospitals. Their long sighted decisions had helped the administration to manage the dire situation in a better way. 

Where do the rules apply?

The mandatory notice was published on 1st January and came in effect immediately. This role is to be followed in all the 11 hospitals that are located in New York City and along with that all the medical centers and health care facilities, which are run by the New York doctors and nurses are also included in the notice. 

Why is it necessary to follow the rule?

Abiding by the rule is supposed to be a “good practice” in any kind of first responding job. After people celebrated the holiday season’s meeting with their families and friends, Covid 19 had morphed itself into the form of a new virus, with a high spreading rate. Although it was not proved to be fatal, still the preventions should be able to control the rapid spreading of the disease. 

Along with Covid there has been a sudden surge of influenza and other diseases that are instigated by viruses. They have symptoms like common cold but in extreme cases they can be responsible for endangering life. The government officials had praised the FDNY to keep their officers prepared and to be on foot to fight against any kind of challenging battle thrown against them. These kinds of practice had always proved to be effective and essential when it comes to the question of life and death.


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