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Father-Son Duo Arrested for Murdering a Young Couple in Texas

Texas police on Wednesday, arrested a father, Ramon Preciado,53, and a son, Christopher Preciado,19, in connection to the murder of a young couple. The deceased were Savanah Soto,18, and Matthew Guerra, 22. The teenager was nine months pregnant.

The Background

The case was declared a homicide by the medical examiner. The couple was found dead bearing gunshot wounds in their car at a Northwest Side apartment complex on 26th December. Police Chief William McManus claims it to be a great tragedy. Police had informed the public regarding two persons under suspicion via a surveillance video that had captured them close to the site of the murder and sought help to find the two.

The attempt to hide the crime

The two persons of interest, which now have been revealed, had killed the couple at a different location and ditched them in the car after cleaning it to get rid of the fingerprints. All this was available in the surveillance video that the police were able to acquire. Bexar County District Attorney, Joe Gonzales stated that the capturing of the perpetrators would result in additional charges due to the couple’s unborn son Favian.

The current scenario

According to the San Antonio Police Department, the father was arrested for abusing the corpse, with the additional charges still pending. Sgt. Washington Moscoso, while addressing a news conference, told the press that Christopher Preciado had committed the murders on Dec 21 and had taken the help of his son to ditch the bodies where they were found. The police revealed the case to be related to narcotics deal that turned out bad.

Soto’s missing pregnancy appointment

The police got the report of the missing teenager from her family when she had missed her labor induction appointment. The family found it odd as the appointment happens when the mother has passed the scheduled due date. Her pregnant photo was circulated in the nearby area.

The missing report led them to the couple’s car where they discovered Soto’s cell phone along with their bodies. The phone, later with the help from the U.S. Secret Service, revealed the car used by the suspects in the case.

The Arrest

With the help of the evidence collected, officers kept a keen eye on the vehicle, leading them to a home in San Antonio. The behavior of Ramon Preciado on seeing the police proved their crime. The father, without any complaint, cooperated with the investigators, they both were taken to the police headquarters and based on the interrogation, the police got to know about the criminal history of the father, whereas the son was clean. They acquired the warrant for their arrest on Jan 3rd. The duo was swarmed by reporters on Wednesday, just before the news conference. The father did not respond to any questions asked by the reporters.

The Gathering

Many people gathered at Kenwood Park for a prayer in memory of the two. The family expressed their grief over the loss of their young daughter and decided to plant a tree in memory of her and the unborn child.

The police said they were doing their best to bring justice to the families of the victims and hoped for a fair judgment against the culprits for their horrifying crime.

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