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Every Song Played In First Two Episodes Of True Detective: Night Country

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True Detective and its scintillating tracks

True Detective: Night Country is famous for walking through a compelling mystery drama that unfolds in a small Alaskan city. But it is not only limited to that. It also features sparkling tracks that perfectly complement the pivotal moments that unfold.

Season 4 introduces a whole new bunch of characters and a self-contained storyline. Moreover, it also draws several subtle references to True Detective season 1. It hints at unfolding in the same universe where Rust and Marty had once teamed up.

Season 4 is up to the mark

True Detective Season 4 not only blurs the lines between the supernatural and the material world, just like Season 1, but it also presents hardened detective characters who start confronting their demons as they get to the bottom of the all-embracing mystery.

With a gripping narrative, well-written character beats, and a strong roster, True Detective has it all. It also has a great soundtrack that enhances the chills and thrills that are instilled by its crime drama.

Episode 1’s tracklist

The Beatles “Twist and Shout” can be heard playing in the opening scene of True Detective season 4’s episode 1. It starts as the camera explores the inside of a research facility in Alaska

Sweat (A La La La La Long)” by Inner Circle plays in the truck of the delivery man. It plays as he can be seen making his way to the Alaskan research facility to deliver goods to the researchers.

“Bury a Friend” by Billie Eilish is the opening theme of True Detective season 4. The song is a perfect pick for depicting the show’s themes. Even its lyrics seem to display accurately season 4’s primary plot points.

“Magpie” by The Unthanks is heard when Danvers arrives at the TSALAL facility. He went there to investigate the disappearance of the researchers.

“You Are Amen” by Polyester is the song choice when Navarro visits Annie’s brother. She receives an emergency call from a fellow detective, who tells her to arrive at her sister’s place.

“Black Sedan” by Charlie Crockett is heard in Hank Prior’s home when his son, Peter, arrives at his place so that he can sneakily collect Annie’s murder case file.

“Rescue Me” by Unions is the one in episode 1 when Navarro visits Eddie at his place and then makes love to him.

State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.)” by Jim James is heard in episode 1 when Danvers carefully skims through all the evidence

Episode 2’s tracklist

“Bury a Friend” by Billie Eilis is the opening theme in episode 2.

“Song to the Siren (Take 7)” by Tim Buckley plays in the opening arc when Navarro visits Rose’s home so that she can learn more about her visions of Travis.

“Little Saint Nick” by The Beach Boys was the choice of the creators as the frozen bodies of the researchers get shifted to Ennis’ ice hockey arena.

“You’re the First, the Last” by Blue Moment plays after unlocking one of the researchers’ phones in episode 2.

“Wannabe” by Spice Girls while Navarro drives her car and even sends her sister a recording of it.

“I Love You Love You” by Johnny Cash can be heard in episode 2 while texting Hank’s fiancé.

“Pass Them By” by Agnes Obel starts playing when Liz asks Leah to help her with Christmas decorations.

“Get Down Tonight” by KC and the Sunshine Band can be heard in episode 2 when Leah makes her way to the skating rink after she realizes that Peter may still be there

Sing Sing” by The Bones of J.R. Jones in episode 3 is when Danvers and Navarro skim through all the evidence they found inside Raymond Clark’s van.

Like I Do” by Georgina Birch can be heard when Danvers and Navarro’s hunt for evidence leads them to a hairdresser, Suzan.

“Limbo” by Lissom, Julien Marchal & Lowswimmer in episode 3 showcasing Leah’s story arc.

“I Follow Rivers” by Marika Hackman plays in episode 3 when Navarro finds her sister out in the cold and then comforts her before taking her back home and tucking her in bed.

First Look

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