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Elon Musk’s Statement Sparked The Controversy Around Housing And Sheltering Immigrants in America

Elon Musk expressed his opinion

The controversial discussion centering the growing immigrant issues in the United States of America seems to be a never ending one. The softer approach of the Biden Administrations regarding providing shelters for the incoming immigrants from the America-Mexico border fueled a lot of opposing arguments amongst the political and social leaders. Recently Elon Musk also provided some insight into the popular topic. The gentleman had warned the American citizens that the immigrants are “coming for” their home soon. He believed that the government will start to ask to house the immigrants when they run out of common community buildings to house them. 

The incident that shocked the parents 

Recently, an incident that took place in the James Madison High School had increased the controversy by tenfold. On Tuesday, around 1900 immigrants and asylum seekers were transported to the school by some transportations. The responsible authorities had justified this act by stating that there had been an alarming weather report regarding an upcoming storm. They also added that the decision of moving the immigrants to the school ground was due to the fact that the tents set up in their temporary shelter in Floyd Bennett Field would not have held up against the strong winds. 

The immigrants took shelter in the school building on Tuesday night. The last trip from Floyd Bennett Field to the school premises stopped at around 5 pm. On Wednesday, the immigrants were taken back to their shelters in the morning. These activities had hampered the normal days at a school and the students were requested to finish their classes on a virtual mode. This decision angered a lot of concerned parents. They raised their voice to protest against it. They expressed that if the government thought that the well being of the strangers are more important than the well being of the American citizens then the authority should rethink their strategy.

James Madison High School

Immigrant issues

In September, a sudden influx in the number of immigrants seeking new opportunities in America had grappled the American Government by shock. They had promised to provide the immigrants with resources to build a new life on the soil of America. Many of the homeless immigrants had expressed their displeasure about the inability of the resources in helping them find an American apartment. On the other side, the citizens are furious as they feel ignored and neglected in these dire circumstances. They stated that the government should not have hampered the normal day to day life of the citizens so that they could house the immigrants. 

Rising concerns 

Elon Musk has always been vocal about the issues faced by American Citizens. He criticized the approach and strategy of the government. The sudden increase of the immigrants had seemingly created a state of emergency in America as the normal activities of the country are frequently coming to halt for the sake of finding a proper home for the less fortunate immigrants. The locals around the temporary shelters of the immigrants are also raising safety and concern issues as they are becoming alarmed regarding the increasing crime rates around the temporary shelter areas.

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