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Economy after Biden’s Presidency hiked like crazy, Voters in doubt

Number of Biden supporters declining due to hike in prices

As the presidential elections are coming near, the voters are debating on who to support. The grocery prices along with the mortgage rates are seeing great hikes and the voters have started to question the economy under the presidency of Biden.

Voters from many regions have several views

There was a talk with the voters in Phoenix, Georgia, Milwaukee, and Las Vegas where the topic of the economy was discussed, and who the voters are planning to vote for in 2024.

Mortgage prices affecting many people’s dreams

Daniel Busby, a resident of Las Vegas did not participate in voting in the years 2016 and 2020. He is unsure about voting for Biden this year too. The continuously rising costs of houses have forced him to put a hold on buying a new home. Even after working full time, these people are not able to live their lives financially freely and lack stability.

The monthly mortgage payment in Las Vegas used to be near $1,200 but after Biden took office in 2020, the prices have hiked up to $2,350.

Challenges after COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic hit many businessmen in the gut. A barber from Milwaukee shared how he used to work full-time on Thursdays until the pandemic made everything unstable. However, Huley does not blame Biden for it. He even said that he would support the President and vote for him in the upcoming elections. He specifically talked about how great it is for Biden to send help to other countries.

According to him giving billions of dollars to the people of other countries even when there are homelessness and starvation cases in the States too is insane.

For the average person, he said it was “hard to keep up.”

Both Trump and Biden are “pretty much same”

There was another voter, William Robinson, who decided not to vote for him in these elections. He said that he would not vote for Biden or Trump as both of them are pretty much the same.
Despite the higher prices, some supporters of Biden are still going to vote for him. A voter residing in Phoenix, Arizona she visits almost three grocery stores per week so that she can track down the best prices for her needs. Yet, she has to pay more for groceries than she used to before.

No other option than Biden for voters

She was one of the voters of Biden in 2020 and even convinced other people to vote for the President. Her friends still “taunt” her for pushing them for the same. They ask her to look at the prices of gas since Biden came into power. The same is the situation with a gallon of milk and a box of eggs. The prices are going up and the salaries are nowhere close to matching these prices.

But since the opponent of Biden is not someone she prefers, she would have to vote for the current President once again. The President has blamed the media for all the negative reviews he has been getting.

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