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Donald’s Plea Regarding The Lawsuit Against The New York Times and The Three Journalists Got Denied by Judge Robert Reed

Donald’s plea got overlooked 

This Friday, New York witnessed another ruling that went against the former American President’s plea. On 12 th January, a New York Judge had announced that Donald Trump had to pay almost $400,000 to the New York Times Newspaper and three of its journalists against whom Trump pressed charges of disclosing confidential documents. 

Why was the lawsuit lodged?

The aforementioned journalists, Susanne Craig, David Barstow and Russell Buettnerb were responsible for writing a 2018 Pulitzer Prize-winning article on the famous Trump family. That article consisted of the detailed data of the wealth of the Trump family and their tax practices. The journalists had informed that Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump had provided them with confidential information such as tax records. Donald had pressed charges against the journalists as well as his own niece. The judge, Robert Reed, announced his decision regarding the filed lawsuit against the journalist but the trial about the lawsuit between uncle-niece duo is till going on and the final verdict is still pending. 

Opinions differed regarding the rulling

A lot of the significant officials had agreed to the decision taken by the respectable judge. The journalists were majorly targeted as they exposed the poor and faulty tax practice rituals in the Trump family. The lawsuit acted as a distraction from the issues and questions that were raised and it was a subtle threat to the journalists to silence their independent voices.

Some had agreed to the ruling but questioned whether the huge amount of compensation money was a feasible idea. Reed had assured that the amount of money demanded from Trump was a very practical and reasonable amount as this case contained a lot of complicated issues and the compensation makes up for the harassment that those three journalists went through during the trial. 

Another rulling was announced 

Reed had praised the new Anti-SLAPP policy of the state that helps journalists to carry out their unbiased jobs peacefully. SLAPP stands for Strategic lawsuit against public participation. He believed that the new amendment that the state had made would provide the journalists with the amount of safety and security that they needed to do their jobs successfully and it would protect against all the ill intended lawsuits in future. 

Donald is not the only person of the Trump family whose plea got rejected in the court today. Reed had also denied the request of Mary Trump to pause her case which had been continuing from June of last year. Alina Habba, one of the lawyers who are working for Trump had said that they were displeased that the New York Times and the three journalists had been released from the clutch of the case. 

However, they seemed to be satisfied with the second ruling. They stated that they were glad because the court had denied Mary Trump once again as she continued to deny her accountability. Trump originally filed the lawsuit in 2021, claiming that the three journalists had approached Mary Trump and pursued her to give up some documents that she did not have any permission to share with a media channel. By disclosing the documents, Donald complained that his niece had obtained a dispute over the estate of Fred Trump who is the patriarch of the family. 

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