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Disney Going to Implement Gender-Neutral Aisle after he California Law

Walt Disney – Spread in many countries

The Walt Disney Corporation is one of the largest multinational corporations in the world. There are multiple laws across the States that Disney must adhere to. Disney is the owner of many resorts and amusement parks. Two are domestic parks whereas the other four are spread worldwide. Keeping up with the various laws of each country seems like an extremely rough task for Disney. DisneyFanatic even called it a logistical nightmare. That is not where Disney is limited. There are various stores of Disney which are spread over 10 countries. Hence, Disney has to comply with the law and order of 10 different countries. With the loss of Reedy Creek, Disney has no other choice than to follow every law and work according to it.

A new California Law passed

There is a new California law that Disney has to obey. This law is supposed to change the look of all the Disney stores present around the world along with all the shopping areas that one can find in Disney resorts. The California law has been implemented since January 1. According to it, all the stores that have more than 500 employees under it include gender-neutral toy aisles.

Gender fluidity and independence to children

This step must be taken so as to promote gender fluidity in the children. The law states that all the stores that come under the criteria to follow it “maintain a gender-neutral section or area, to be labeled at the discretion of the retailer, in which a reasonable selection of the items and toys for children that it sells shall be displayed, regardless of whether they have been traditionally marketed for either girl or boys.”

A child should not feel stigmatized

The argument given by the Assemblywoman while introducing the law was that there is no reason that a child should feel that they have to be of a certain gender to wear a dinosaur t-shirt or even play with a Barbie doll. Separating such items that define a certain gender in the traditional market is not a great example of comparison done by the consumers. The use of these products by a certain gender is not very appreciable.

It has not been defined what the gender-neutral toy aisle should appear like in the stores. It is not even specified how the gender-neutral toys should look like. Yet, there will be a fine of $500 charged if the retailers fail to add this aisle in their shops. The law is not clear whether the fine will be charged for the first violation only or if any kind of warning will be given first.

Ambiguity in the law

This law brings up many tricky doubts which will be cleared after a certain period only. The questions like whether a Micky Mouse stuff toy is for girls or boys or is gender-neutral. The law does not even specify who one should look forward to make these decisions. The law still has a lot of ambiguity, hence, it will be a tough job to find out what is a gender-neutral toy and how to implement a gender-neutral toy aisle in the stores.

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