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Democrats Target the Biden Administration for their Love of Migrants and Disregard of the Americans

The Democrats in the United States have once again taken to the public forum to express their displeasure at the current government favoring migrants over the nation’s native population. A New York Democrat expressed that taxpayers deserve answers after she captured an “unbelievable” video of cars, that are believed to be that of migrants, being towed outside a Brooklyn shelter. The Democrat in question is Assemblywoman Jamie Williams, who represents the southeast Brookyln areas like Marine Park and Canarsie. Williams shared the video on her social media account, expressing her surprise.

Williams was quoted saying: “It seems like they’re having more resources than the average American, so we deserve answers.” According to Williams’ account of the incident, once the tow trucks arrived at the shelter, numerous migrants ran out of their tents, saying that the vehicles being towed were theirs. One of the migrants even had a title in his hand. This incident prompted Willaims to post about it on social media and ask the current ruling government, where did they get these vehicles from?

The ‘Illegal’ Vehicles 

According to Williams’ statement and that of the government officials, at least five vehicles illegally parked outside Floyd Bennett Field were towed on Friday night. The video posted by Williams on social media, at least two of the vehicles seen in the video appear to be SUVs while a third vehicle resembles a pickup truck. Williams herself confirmed that she saw a total of five cars and one truck illegally occupying the space. None of the vehicles had license plates.

In an interview with Fox and Friends First, when asked about whether or not she had received any official response from any government official, she denied receiving any. She was quoted saying: “We will be working on that, but, as of right now, nothing.”

According to latest government records, New York City’s residents are grappling with the chaos of a migrant overflow, which has caused a direct economic hit to the city. The constant influx of migrants into the city prompted the New York City Mayor Eric Adams to address the issue. In addition to this, existing budgets for the city were also slashed, in order to deal with related expenses.

Immigration: The New Winning Strategy 

Williams called this an “abuse of taxpayers’ dollars.” She affirmed that every taxpaying American had the full right to know where and how their money was being used. She further stated that the lack of transparency showcased by the Biden government has only further elevated the national economic crisis.

Williams further expressed that unfortunately not enough Democrats are willing to acknowledge this issue to facilitate a change in New York. She also named Councilwoman Joann Ariola in the interview, stating that she and Ariola will look into the matter to the best of their abilities because it specifically concerned the residents of their district. She also asked other Democrats to step forward and address the “lawless” functioning of the Biden administration. She further said that a change in current opaqueness of the matter was owed to each and every taxpaying American.

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