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Deadbody Found On The Top of A Luxury Building in New York

A death in a luxury apartment

A luxury apartment, known as Hell’s Kitchen, had experienced its own fair share of tragedy this Thursday Morning. A man in his 30s was found sprawled atop the 38 storied building. He was unresponsive when he was found by one of the residents of the luxury apartment. Soon, the residents dialed 911 to report the incident. The police officers and medical experts arrived at the scene and examined the surroundings. The man was taken to a nearby hospital for medical evaluation and later the doctors there declared that the man had been dead for hours. 

The glory of Hell’s kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen, located near West 57th Street of 11th avenue in New York. The building had been going through some serious constructions and decorations so that it was tormented with exclusive furniture and modern day equipment to attract the rich and influential community. The building was designed by award-winning firm Fox & Fowle and each and every corner of the building is presented with exquisite craftsmanship. The building was also certified as the first voluntary Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold-certified residential building in New York, as declared by its official website. The monthly rent of an apartment ranges from $3,400 to $6,680.

Residents are concerned about their safety

The residents of the building had been accustomed to the sense of maximum security and exclusivity, but the development of the recent incidents had left their belief shaken to core. Several residents had expressed their concerns and questioned their safety in a building where suspicious deaths take place. Panic had started to settle in the minds of the residents as some had begun their own speculations and built up theories around the mysterious death of the deceased. The theories vary from accidental death to intentional serious crimes. 

The deceased had not been identified yet 

The identity of the man was not revealed by the police. One of the law enforcement officers informed them that they were going through whatever personal belongings that person had on him to identify him and notify his family about the great loss. The police had been trying to find out whether the man was a resident of the building or he had been an intruder. If the second scenario comes out to be true then how did a stranger gain access to one of the most luxurious buildings in New York still remains a question. The cause of the death is yet to be declared as police are waiting for the post mortem procedure to be performed. 

Police officers are still in the process of solving the case

The detective had been interrogating the residents and the security guards of the building to reach a solid conclusion about the death. They are also combing through the surveillance footage very carefully to spot any movement of the deceased before he reached his ultimate fate. The officers had ensured the residents that they had been working day and night to solve this case and the safety concerns of the residents were their utmost priority. They promised that soon the life of the residents of the building would return to its normal track.

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