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Customers At Restaurant Attacked A Man with Firearm on Christmas Eve and Got Charged With Murder

Open shooting during Christmas Eve

A violent act of crime set motion to a series of unfortunate incidents at a Dublin restaurant during the holiday seasons. The cheerfulness of the festivities were dulled after a 26 years old young man, named Tristen Sherry walked through the door of the restaurant on Christmas eve. The customers at the restaurants were busy dining with their friends and families as Sherry went on pulling out a fire arm and started open firing, creating panic and fear among the people present at the restaurant. Later it was known that Sherry was hired for an organized crime and he aimed to shoot at a father-son duo present at the restaurant and the father was known to law enforcement officials 

Description of the incident

After shooting and injuring one man in the neck, Sherry tried to flee the crime scene through the back door when he was captured and assaulted by three customers present at the city. One of them, named David Amah, 18, was reported to carry a knife with him as he continued to stab Sherry with it and his companions struck Sherry in his head with chairs of the restaurant. After witnessing the massacre, one of the onlookers contacted police and soon the officers reached the spot with proper medical help. Sherry was declared dead at the spot. The injured man was taken to the nearest hospital for proper medical assistance but his injury was too severe to be recovered. Later into the evening he succumbed to his injury and passed away. 

The three customers who assaulted Sherry were arrested on spot and taken to the police office for further judgment. The teenager carrying the knife is said to be charged with violent physical assault as well as murder and he is going to appear in front of the judge on 9th January. His companions, 26-year-old Wayne Deegan and Michael Andrecut, 22, are also charged with similar crimes and they are waiting for their trials under police custody. The horror of the incident has shocked the community and they pray that the officers take proper steps so that similar situations do not arise any further. 

Tristen Sherry

The judgment is still at hold 

An open fundraiser was organized at the house of late Sherry which later created anger amongst the locals. They believe that the heinous crime that Sherry committed does not deserve such kind of sympathy. They protested against the event and stopped it from happening. One of them stated that Sherry violated the peaceful environment and endangered innocent lives at the open firing. He believed that such incidents should not be praised as it creates a sense of entitlement in people who are prone to commit similar crimes in future. 

The authorities had assured the residents that they are taking care of the safety and wellbeing of the common people during this festive season. They announced that they are increasing the number of patrols on the streets of the city and the guards are armed to prevent such situations from taking place. Officers had requested the residents to enjoy the festive season at its full and they said that such incidents are rare occurrences and they are taking every possible measure so that criminals do not dare to commit such horrendous crimes. 

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