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Crucial Iowa Caucuses, Ron DeSantis hits Donald Trump, Warning Issued to Republican Voters

Iowa caucuses under danger due to extreme cold in Iowa

The Iowa Caucuses are going to take place this week. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has hit out to Donald J. Trump and has also issued a warning for the Republican voters.

On the eve of the first GOP contest of this year’s Presidential elections, the Governor was asked to deliver a closing argument. He stated that Trump is “running for his issues” while DeSantis is running for the public’s issues.

Florida Governor accused Trump of many things

The former president has been accused of failure to deliver on his signature 2016 and 2020 promises by DeSantis. The example of the former president promising to build a wall along America’s southern border was given.

Trump was also accused of being distracted due to his four sets of criminal charges, along with the investigations of the January 6 Capitol riot and other lawsuits that Trump has been fighting against.

DeSantis thinks that the elections are going to be very advantageous for the democrats because then the talks will not be about the borders or the economy. Then there will be an advantage of making these elections a referendum on Donald Trump.

The Governor of Florida even accused South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley of picking up support from independents and not core GOP voters.

He stated “She is not getting support from conservatives. She is relying on Democrat-leaning independents for her support in the primary, and that is just not the way you can win and galvanize support from the party faithful.”

According to the latest Mediacom Iowa poll, 37% of supporters plan to caucus with Republicans. Haley was followed with 33, but as seen on the Caucus day, half of the supporters of Haley are independents and Democrats. 39% of supporters of Haley are independents and 11% are Democrats.

Plea made by Trump for his supporters

There was a final plea made by the former President that asked the supporters of Trump to show up on Sunday afternoon in his Iowa campaign to caucus for him. The weather in Iowa has gone to extremes and it is freezing up there. He is tampering with his expectations of his predicted margin of victory.

Trump has a schedule of holding four in-person rallies which will be organized throughout the state this weekend. The weather has gone to mid-negative 40s and the situation keeps getting colder and colder. Trump called his supporters very hearty people.

Trump’s endorsers

Several celebrity endorsers along with members of Congress have been backing Trump for the final push in Iowa. These include WWE star Kane, British politician Nigel Farage, and longtime Iowa wrestling coach Dan Gable.

Even ex-rival Marco Rubio and Sen have decided to endorse the former president. It was a surprise for everyone. The ex-rival called Trump a con artist once and now he states that, “We had a President who didn’t cave to special interests or let bureaucrats block us.”

At the Indianola, Iowa, rally; the north Dakota Governor Doug Burgum endorsed Trump as a special guest. Burgum dropped out of the race in December. He stated that Trump delivers an energy of dominance to nature, which is essential for the future president of the States.

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