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Citizens of 7 Major Cities of Texas Are Facing Challenges Because of Unbearable Living Conditions

Texas was known as a state of great opportunities and a place where people travel to make their dreams come true. With booming technological advances and diverse cultural significance, it had become a major point of attraction with an exponentially growing population. Recently, Texas has been reported to slowly slip from its throne of glory.  Texas had been home for over 30 million people but currently people are fleeing from seven of its major cities. This immigration and relocation bring Texas in front of a big question about its future venture. 


Austin is known to be the capital of Texas and one of the major cities. It had seen a sudden growth of technological industries and it was also famous for its beautiful arts and culture as well as liberal politics. However, this success costs a lot for Austin. Recently, the population of the city has skyrocketed as more and more people came to the city to chase their dreams. This influx of population made Austin a very costly place with stifling traffic. Affording a decent apartment or eating out at a restaurant had become a nightmare for most of the citizens.  The people who once came there to explore their creativity and future opportunities are considering their decisions. 

Houston and Dallas

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest in the United states. Houston is known for its ample amount of energy, trade and advanced healthcare. However, natural disasters are very frequent in this city and with the recent hit of Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in the city, devastating its quality of life and causing loss of several personal public properties. Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and serves as a major business and finance center. However, with the changing climate and threat of global warming the hot and humid weather of Dallas is abrupting the normal life of its citizens. 

El Palso and Lubbock

El Paso is known to be one of the border cities of Texas and it has a very rich history as well as a very interesting cultural background. Despite its charms, this city is becoming undesirable as a living place due to its median income opportunities, high unemployment rates and increasing crime rate. Lubbock is another mention worthy city of Texas which is significant for its contribution in the agricultural field. People are not considering living in this city because it is one of the most conservative cities in the US with strong religious beliefs and social taboos. 

Odessa and Beaumont

Odessa and Beaumont, both these cities serve a major role in the oil and gas and other natural resources dependent industries. Although both the cities hold a lot of promises for the future and ample job opportunities, people are abstaining from living here due to the high cost of living. They are also questioning the living conditions in this city due to the high crime rate and poor medical care facilities. So, thus the attractive cities of Texas are posing challenges to its citizens along with offering them opportunities of a quality life. 


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