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Chicago firefighter accused of attempt to take a life instead of saving one, near Andersonville

The charge of attempted first degree manslaughter persists unchanged in its current state against the 34 years old Chicago firefighter, accused of an apparent road rage near the Edgewater-Andersonville area. The man is further charged with the felony of severe physical assault with the discharge of a firearm from a vehicle. 

The incident 

On Sunday, around 7:55 pm, police received a frantic call informing them about the incident at Foster Avenue, which lies between Ashland Avenue and Paulina Street. The accused, Omotayo Kassim, a 34 year old firefighter employed at the Chicago Fire Department, was driving through this area with a Chevrolet Tahoe. The victim of the shooting, a 35 year old man was driving a black jeep and he was trying to make a u-turn. According to the reports, this attempt apparently agitated Kassim and he started chasing the driver of the jeep down and soon enough the situation worsened and escalated when Kassim pulled a firearm in the middle of the road. 

The crashed black jeep

The state of the victim

Kassim allegedly shot the jeep driver in his mouth. The victim was immediately taken into an ambulance and transferred to intensive care after police reached the crime scene. The accused was also taken into police custody on the spot. According to the report that came in recently, the victim still remains in critical condition and is fighting for life in Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center. 

Past and present of the accused

After charging Kassim, the officer responsible for investigating the crime recognized Kassim as a firefighter. Upon further investigation, it becomes known that Kassim joined the firefighting force during 2019. After delving deep into his records and history, police found out that Kassim was also a fugitive in Colorado. He was found out to be charged with trespassing into an auto with an intent of committing a crime. Although the aftermath of this charge is unknown as later Kassim petitioned to Colorado court for conviction. The past records of crime make the allegations against him stronger.

Latest developments

Till Tuesday, Jan 2nd, it was still not clear to the investigating officer whether the victim is someone that the accused had previously known or not. The accused is going to be stepping in front of the judge for trial this wednesday. This road rage and shooting counts as one of the 22 shooting incidents on the new year’s eve weekend in Chicago. 

As of now, Kassim has been granted leave with charges from the fire department. After the trial, if Kassim is found guilty, he will be stripped of his title as a first responder and he will lose his job as well as his freedom. According to the witnesses of the incident, Kassim’s Tahoe was trying to crash and ram into the black jeep during the scene. The witnesses, who preferred to remain anonymous, were shocked by the violent nature of the incident. 

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