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Chaos Followed The NYPD As They Tried to Fill Up a Secret Tunnel At a Jewish Center in Brooklyn

Chaos Ensues 

A series of chaotic incidents followed each on Monday morning as the New York Police Department showed up at a Hasidic Jewish Center with some construction workers to fill up a tunnel that was dug in an unauthorized way under the synagogue of the building. At the Chabad-Lubavitch headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, the police crews started supervising the process and they started bringing in several trucks carrying cement to fill up the tunnel. The tunnel was first discovered in December of 2023 and it connected another nearby facility which is currently closed. The reason behind digging the tunnel still remains a mystery to the police officers. The discovery of the tunnel was made when a woman who was a local resident complained to the police about some strange noises she had been hearing in the middle of the night. 

Clash between extremists and police

The police officers were busy in the construction job when a group of “extremist students ” broke through the wall of the establishment and tried to create an unlawful situation. They attacked the construction workers and the supervising officials and physically assaulted them. They destroyed some properties of the synagogue and smashed some of the prayer benches. Police officers suspected that the students were enraged because they believed that the police were disturbing the decorum of the holy place by conducting a construction there. 

Rioter being arrested

10 arrested and charged

The police officers charged immediately and quickly brought the situation under their control. After the riot, 10 students were arrested and were taken to the nearby police station. For now, they are facing charges of criminal mischief, harassing police officers on duty, unauthorized trespassing and obstructing governmental administration. The accused students are going to go through further interrogation and investigation to know whether they are backed up by any strong community. 

Viral on social media 

A video of the riot went viral on social media and the Jewish people all around the world were shocked to see such restlessness in a supposedly holy place. The group of students gained access to some of the adjacent buildings to forcibly enter the religious center and later on they are shown to be vandalizing the place ruthlessly. They kept up damaging some equipment, tearing down the wood panels and were even shown to be throwing prayer benches at the police officers who were trying to stop them. Such movements were highly criticized online. 

Current actions 

The police were made to shut down the property until further notice. The purpose of the tunnel and the duration of its construction are yet to be known. The incident was distressing to the Jewish community but the authorities had assured them that they were trying to restore the sanctity of the religious place as soon as possible and they were just making sure that every process of ensuring safety was executed sincerely.They have also promised to take strict actions against anyone who had dared to disturb the peacefulness of the place and disrespected the culture.

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