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Cars of Migrants Towed Outside Brooklyn Shelter, Democrat Shocked at How they Own Them

Cars of migrants towed outside a Brooklyn shelter

Many videos of the cars of the migrants being towed have gone viral. The incident is “unbelievable” according to a New York Democrat. She said that the taxpayers deserve answers. The incidents happened outside a Brooklyn shelter. Assemblywoman Jamie Williams represents southeast Brooklyn-area neighborhoods like Marine Park and Canarsie. According to her, it seems like they have more resources as compared to an average American. When the vehicles were being towed, many migrants came out of their tents and claimed that they were the owners of those vehicles. One migrant even had a title in his hand. This whole situation seemed very concerning to her, as she wondered where these migrants get such vehicles from. She gave the statement to “Fox and Friends First” on Monday.

Where did the migrants get the cars from?

According to the New York Post, there was a total of five vehicles that were illegally parked outside Floyd Benett Field. They were towed on Friday.  A video by William shows that two cars were supposedly SUVs and one seemed like a pickup truck. The Democrat herself counted five cars and one truck, and also stated that none of the vehicles had any license plate on them.

One can not stop migrants from sleeping in the street, but no one knows where they all got these vehicles from. Not many responses have been recorded after the sighting of these vehicles. The investigators are working hard to collect information on who got these vehicles and how they got them. William gave this answer after she was asked whether she knew how these migrants got their hands on these vehicles. The city’s residents are also not in a great mood with the rise of the number of migrants in their area. The New York City Mayor Eric Adams spoke about the struggles he has to face due to this hike in their number. Many problems arise on multiple occasions which has led to slashing budgets to deal with the expenses.


Abuse to average American taxpayers

This type of situation is an abuse of the dollars of the taxpayers. Every American needs to know about this situation. More transparency will take this situation a little bit further and such a crisis can be solved on a small scale so that these problems do not take place on a bigger scale. This kind of lawless practice in the city of New York will not only disturb the residents but will also pose a problem to the ethics of the area.

The issue has taken a more bipartisan route, and the question arises whether there are more Democrats present who will be willing to look at this situation that has unfolded in New York. According to Williams, she does not think that many Democrats do not think like her. She doesn’t believe in snooping around trying to find the party name involved behind the person’s name.

Williams and Councilwoman Joann Ariola have decided to take part in this bipartisan fight and they have decided to do so because of their sense of belongingness to the district. She does not understand why many people are not standing along with her.

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