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Carrol’s Attorney Demand for a Compensation of $12.1 million After Trump Defamed Her

Trump defamed Carroll after rape accusations

Donald Trump had made a mess of E. Jean Carroll’s reputation. In the defamation trial that took place on Thursday, the expert testified that If E. Jean Carroll wants to clean up the mess Donald Trump has made of her reputation, it would require a bill of up to $12.1 million.

Trump has made two statements that defame Carroll in 2019. He did so after she alleged him of raping her in the mid-1990s. The trial for the same is being held in a downtown Manhattan federal courtroom.

Carroll’s attorney compensation demand

Ashlee Humphries, a professor of consumer sentiment at Northwestern University was hired by Carroll to calculate how many people know what is inside that statement to understand and predict how much compensation should Carroll get for Trump’s heinous crime.

Many tweets, articles, TV broadcasts, and other media circulated the two denials that Trump made about the allegations. The viewership for it went up to 104.1 million.

However, Humphries called it to be an undercount as per her examination. According to her, the media organizations did not capture organizations that paraphrased Trump’s denial of the rape and then termed Carroll to be a liar.

After that, the cost of a reputation repair campaign was estimated by Humphries. The cost has to be estimated to estimate the amount of an advertising campaign that will be spread across different media platforms. The objective is to persuade the people to believe Carroll

Political valence around Trump’s denial

According to Humphries, it is hard to change people’s minds because of the political valence around Trump’s denials. Carroll suggested that she could send the messages to the influencers who are trusted among Trump’s audience, for example, Joe Rogan and Candace Owens. Additionally, she can pay for advertisements to appear multiple times.

Compensation of $12. 1 million

Trump has detracted from Carroll since the first statement came out. It included the press statement given by Trump on Wednesday night. $12. 1 million is just the tip of the iceberg. Carroll’s reputation has seen a lot of damage and compensation is a must.

The opening statement this week by Carroll’s legal team even asked the jury to impose massive punitive damages along with the compensation money.

Trump has already lost a trial last year when the jury agreed that Trump indeed rape Carroll and on top of that, publicly defamed her. At that time Carroll was awarded $5 million in combined compensatory and punitive damages.

After Trump lost the case, the defamation of Carroll only saw an increase. He started insulting her even more and claimed himself to be a victim of conspiracy.

Carroll’s attorneys have tried their best to make Trump stop insulting her to this extent publicly. Punitive damages have the ability to also send a message to other wealthy people that they cannot get away with lying about sexual abuse victims.

Carroll’s testimony

Carroll finished her testimony in the trial on Thursday. She stated that her reputation had been run down after Trump had defamed her extremely. Carroll was once a renowned truth-telling advice columnist and journalist who taught women how to live their lives.

Trump’s attorney questioned Carroll whether she gained any fame after she accused Trump of this crime. Her reply was “I’m more well known. And I am hated by a lot more people.”

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