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Bombing Demolished Several Lives and Resouces, Supposedly Executed As A Revenge Attack Against PKK

Turkish army conducted airstrikes on Iraq

Several names have been recently added to the casualty list that represents the outcome of the conflict between Kurdosh group PKK and the The Turkish state. The conflict had been continuing since 1984, as attacks and revenge attacks followed each other, putting many lives at stake. This Saturday, The Turkish army had charged on several bases of the Kurdosh groups in Syria and northern Iraq. 

Several locations were bombed

They flew in and bombed several camps, killing an unknown number of armed soldiers. The defense ministry had officially stated that their soldiers were operating from fighter jets which struck Metina, Hakurk, Gara and Qandil in northern Iraq with serial bombing. The minister did not clarify exactly which location in Syria got attacked. 

The locations of bombing

Numerous destruction of properties had been reported. Caves, bunkers, soldier shelters and oil installations were specifically targeted in almost 29 locations. The Defense Ministry said that the camps which the Turkish army targeted majorly belonged to Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG). The Kurdosh groups are known to be a close companion of the United States-allied coalition against ISIS.

The conflict is not new

The attacks on Iraq, specifically on the aforementioned Kurdosh groups, is nothing new for Turkey. They frequently plan and carry out such violent attacks as they consider these groups to be outlaws and a menace to the society. The members of the groups are considered to be “terrorists” by Turkey, the European Union and the United States. 

Official casualty was not announced

The official statement did not reveal the total number of deaths that were caused by the attacks. The statement only expressed that the Turkish army “neutralized” a huge number of armed soldiers. The attacks followed the infiltration of the Turkish army in a northern Iranian Kurdosh base camp. The mission had killed five soldiers, another four were later announced dead after they succumbed to their injury. 

The war continues

There was no immediate response from the PKK side after the attacks were executed. The silence of the opposing party proved that they had suffered a great loss during these attacks. The conflict between PKK and The Turkey State peaked when Turkey launched Operation Claw-Lock in northern Iraq in April 2022. During this time they had established several bases in the Duhok governorate. The Kurdosh groups were not welcoming towards the Turkish army and they repeatedly claimed Turkish withdrawal. 

The recent airstrikes reportedly resulted after PKK carried out an attack on Turkish soldiers three weeks ago. Allegedly some “terrorists ” backed up by PKK sneaked into a Turkish military base, killing six soldiers on the spot. Other six soldiers were severely injured and taken to the hospital where they lost their battles to death. Although there was no official statement from either side confirming this hypothesis. Turkey’s foreign minister Hakan Fidan posted on his social media that indicated that they strategically planned the attacks. In his post he stated that they will not stop until they drive the terrorists out of their border.

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