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Biden’s Re-election a Matter of Concern as He Loses Black Voters’s Support for Upcoming Elections

The black voters, a major voting bloc in the US that led to his victory in the 2020 elections, say he has failed as their representative.

The black voters are rather unhappy with Joe Biden’s presidency and shared their discontent on Jan 9, mentioning they felt better under President Donald Trump. The situation has been a constant matter of concern for the Democrats as it might threaten his re-election.

Why the discontent?

Surveys conducted by CNN and the Wall Street Journal in 2023 reveal a tie or a narrow lead of Trump against Biden in polls for the upcoming 2024 elections, mainly from voters of color. According to Fox News polling, Biden, once at 87% approval, has declined to 62% in 2023.

Biden’s major accomplishments are the Inflation Reduction Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and the CHIPS Act. Still, these have not resonated well with the Blacks as well as the other Americans.

The Blacks expected protections against police and wanted reforms in criminal justice along with student loan debt relief when they voted for Biden in 2020, but unfortunately, these demands stayed unfulfilled according to the voters.

According to Daniel Cox, a pollster and the director of the American Enterprise Institute’s Survey Center on American Life, most of these reforms have not had any major impact on the voters, which shows a lack of communication that offers the benefits of the implemented policies and the voters.

With an article published by Vox, the discontent among black voters has been mentioned. Many of the voters feel disconnected from the reforms and policies introduced by Biden. His underperforming has been more affected due to the low-income voters as they feel the promises are not fulfilled. Along with this, according to the polls and Reuters interviews in 2023 revealed that the loss of support from younger Blacks and Black men further complicated the current situation.

Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are the seven major states for deciding the polls of the 2024 elections and it is in these states since 2022 the black turnout has dropped significantly.

The main political shift in voting is due to the dwindling economy of the nation and a failed attempt by Biden’s government to tackle it. Along with that, foreign policy tension and healthcare reforms remain the major challenges. The blacks feel the party has not adhered to their needs and concerns including issues like affordable housing, and healthcare costs, as well as the rising inflation in gas prices has also triggered the blacks. Along with that, Biden’s decision to ban menthol cigarettes has greatly affected the Black smokers turning to their unfavored support for Biden.

Future of the Upcoming Elections

However, even though some prefer Trump over Biden for the upcoming elections, many are still undecided about their vote as they seek someone who would help the community as a whole. Some democrats have also shown their worry over Biden’s re-election as Biden attempts to recover the support he once had.

Michelle Obama, the former First Lady also raised her concerns over the matter in a recent interview with Jay Shetty on his podcast as she seemed quite alarmed about the political future of the U.S.A.

The future remains uncertain as the Blacks drift from Biden and his battle to gain the support back unfolds with time.

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