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Biden’s attacks on Yemen criticized by Greene, pointed his criticism of Trump

U.S. strike on Yemen concerns the Congress

A U.S. airstrike on Houthi rebels in Yemen has been denounced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. The event took place on Thursday. The Biden administration has been called “insanely out of control.”

Five people were killed in the dozen airstrikes which was a joint project by the U.S.-U.K as informed by the Houthi leadership. The attack was initiated to respond to the attack that was done on the Houthi naval strike campaign on civilian shipping in the Red Sea.

These Yemen strikes can bring the U.S. closer to war with Iran according to Greene. This will back the Houthis.

The president must confirm with Congress first

She went on X to inform that the President must come to Congress to get permission before going to war. The decision of Biden to bomb Yemen should not be taken on his own. She questioned whether Biden’s admin wanted to fund the war in Ukraine or control the war in Israel. Is he going to arm Taiwan and prepare for war with China and now is planning to go to war with the Middle East? Such kind of actions are insanely out of control.

She compared these actions of Biden to the 2020 airstrikes during Trump’s presidency. Biden heavily criticized these actions of Trump back in 2020. His comment was highlighted by Greene.

“Let’s be clear: Donald Trump does not have the authority to take us to war with Iran without Congressional approval,” Biden said in 2020. “A president should never take this nation to war without the informed consent of the American people.”

Greene pointed out that Biden must have forgotten about his comment. However, the action was justified by Biden as he termed it as a necessary defensive strike against a force that had targeted American vessels in the Red Sea.

Biden’s comment on the strike

Biden commented that the actions are purely defensive and should follow the extensive diplomatic campaign and Houthi rebels’ escalating attacks against commercial vessels. These strikes are targeted and send a clear message that the States will not tolerate any kind of attack. He also said that they will not allow hostile actors to imperil freedom of navigation as it is the world’s most critical commercial route.

Biden is willing to not hesitate to take further measures to protect his people. The free flow of international commerce is necessary and requires to be kept that way. The strike in Yemen has received mixed reactions.

Attacks criticized and even applauded

The attacks have been criticized by progressive Rep. Pramila Jayapal as she considers these actions to be an unacceptable violation of the Constitution. Article 1 requires that all the military actions must be authorized by the Congress.

Rep. Ro Khanna and Sen. Mike Lee also commanded that the Constitution matters under all the circumstances. However, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell applauded this decision as he said that this marks a positive step in action against Iran in the region.

He stated that “I am hopeful these operations mark an enduring shift in the Biden Administration’s approach to Iran and its proxies. To restore deterrence and change Iran’s calculus, Iranian leaders themselves must believe that they will pay a meaningful price unless they abandon their worldwide campaign of terror,” he said. “The United States and our allies must leave no room to doubt that the days of unanswered terrorist aggression are over.”

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