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Biden VS Trump: How the 2024 Elections of America Still Remains a Mystery

As Americans prepare for the upcoming elections, a recently released survey from Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy represents President Joe Biden leading the race against his competitor and former President Donald Trump, 49% to 43% in the state of Virginia.

The internet has termed this as a ‘2024 rematch.’ Previously, in the year of 2020, Biden had defeated Trump in Virginia by 10 percentage points, 54.1% to 44%. Democrats have successfully won Virginia in four straight presidential elections, despite the Republicans winning the state’s electoral votes in every presidential contest from the year of 1986 to the year of 2004.

Biden VS Trump 

According to the recently released survey, it was found that in Northern Virginia, Biden led Trump 63% to 27%, 59% to 35% in Hampton Roads and 53% to 38% in the Richmond metro area. Trump’s record reflected a strong foothold in the region from Roanoke to the southwest, followed by the Shenandoah region and the Lynchburg region.

While the current President did enjoy the state’s support, Biden’s job approval rating in the survey showed mixed responses. 49% of the states total population approved the current President while the other 49% disapproved. 2% of the population chose to take the neutral ground. These numbers are an improvement from January 2023, when 45% of the state’s population approved of how he performed as a leader, while 52% disapproved, and 3% remained neutral.

Donald Trump currently has four criminal cases against him, including a federal case in Washington, and an additional state case in Georgia alleging he tried to obstruct legal transfer of power by taking violent measures in the election year 2020. On January 3rd, 2020, Trump supporters violently mounted the US Capitol in an effort to prohibit lawmakers from solidifying Biden’s 2020 electoral victory.

The 2024 Elections 

Even though Biden received a mixed response when it comes to job rating, Biden continues to garner support in Virginia. Over the course of Biden’s years as President, some members of the Democrat Party started distancing themselves from Biden, but they were still winning to support the leader against his Republican rival Donald Trump.

In addition to this, despite several voters being unhappy with the Biden administration, some sections of society like young voters, women and Black voters still prefer Biden over Trump.

Donald Trump is currently leading the vote race against Joe Biden in national polling for the 2024 presidential election, according to a recently published survey. In addition to this, the Wall Street Journal poll showed Biden with the lowest approval rating of his presidency, which have sparked concerns amongst the members of the Democrat party less than a year before America is set to host its next set of elections.

This poll also showed Trump leading against Biden by four points, 47% to 43%, showcasing that the former President of the United States of America still enjoys support from a major chunk of voters, despite being accused of orchestrating the 2020 US Capitol attack, in addition to having multiple criminal cases registered against him. Trump’s increasing support has made the 2024 elections a much-awaited event for the global audience.

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