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Biden Unaware About Austin’s Hospitalization for Several Days

Lloyd Austin diagnosed with prostate cancer

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was hospitalized in late December for his illness. President Joe Biden was not made aware of the situation even after several days had passed. He was told on Tuesday about Austin’s condition. John Kirby, the national security sportsman, told the reporters that the President was unfamiliar with the situation until Tuesday morning. A Pentagon briefing was where Biden came to know about Austin’s prostate cancer.

The officials are still calling the hospitalization of Austin an “elective” medical procedure. The hospitalization was related to prostate cancer. Austin did acknowledge that he failed to tell Biden about his hospitalization and the situation he was in. Even though he had several days to tell the President, one has many reasons to not do so. Kirby even informed that not one single person knew about Austin’s medical condition. After the people at the White House were informed,  Chief of Staff Jeff Zients informed the President about the situation.

Biden was unaware for several days

The surgery took place in December. He visited the hospital on the 22nd and was discharged the next morning. He just went for a routine check-up at the hospital that he was recommended in early December. The cancer was detected during this health screening. This information was given by the Pentagon on Tuesday. Biden was unaware of Autin’s hospitalization until January 4, while Austin was hospitalized on January 1. Austin was admitted to the Walter Reed Medical Center on the 5th of January as informed by the Pentagon. His duties were delegated due to his hospitalization.

Breach of protocol

The reveal of Austin’s prostate has been called an extraordinary breach of protocol. Kirby said that Biden’s and the people at the White House’s first reaction was to wish Austin the very best for a fast recovery. This is a disease that has affected many American men. Keeping Austin’s diagnosis and hospitalization unknown to the President has severe consequences. Kirby said that they are going to learn a lesson from this past week. Even though many Republicans have told Austin to step down, Biden has decided not to fire Austin despite the rising criticism. Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary, informed on Tuesday that Austin has taken the responsibility for keeping his hospitalization a secret, and the White House appreciated that.

Officials asked to delegate their duties under certain conditions

Biden spoke with Austin on Saturday, as reported by the White House. The President wished him well. Even though Biden spoke to Austin, the Secretary has no idea how the President came to know about the situation. The new reveal that took place on Tuesday suggests that during the call, Austin did not inform Biden about his hospitalization. The details of the conversation are unknown and even the level of knowledge that the President has of Austin’s medical situation is hidden.

A review will be launched by the White House which will talk about the protocols for how cabinet officials delegate authority. Agencies would be required to notify the Office of Cabinet Affairs and the chief staff of the White House in the event. They would be required to delegate their duties when they will be traveling to areas with limited communication, during hospitalization, or when they will be going through a medical procedure that will require anesthesia.

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