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Beekeeper Became Massive Box Office Hit in North America

Beekeeper tops the North American chart

A wild success in box office followed by praises from fans as well as critics had helped the beekeeper to become the “No. 1 Film” in North America.

The Jason Statham starrer movie had reportedly topped the box office chart after earning $17M. The movie continues its journey from aweing people with intriguing storytelling and charismatic presentation. 

Plot of the movie

The story follows Adam Clay who lives quietly under someone’s support. He has a very unique hobby of beekeeping. The seemingly boring and dull life of Clay takes a turn when his landlady passes away.

This mysterious death left many lives entangled with a high profile case. The story presents Clay’s journey as he navigates the twists and turns of the story. 

Critics are impressed by the movie

The movie received a high point in most of the movie critic websites. Many had called the movie a masterpiece. This action packed thriller movie was written by Kurt Wimmer and directed by David Iyer.

With skillful and expert direction, Davis was successfully able to capture each and every crucial moment of the story and brought it to life. The cinematography of the action scenes were also incredible. 

The competitions of Beekeeper 

The total earning of the movie is mind blowing. The masterpiece had managed to surpass Wonka, though it proved to be a tough competition. Wonka stands at No.2 with $6.2 million and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom at No. 5 with $5.3 million.

Other significant movies that made an impact on the audience and should be mentioned as the top tier film are Night Swim at No. 6 with $4.7 million, The Boys in the Boat at No. 7 with $3.5 million, The Book of Clarence at No. 8 with $2.6 million, The Iron Claw at No. 9 with $2.4 million and American Fiction at No. 10 with $1.9 million.

Jason’s performance was phenomenal 

The cast of the Beekeeper are pleasantly surprised at the phenomenal performance of the movie. The protagonist was played by hard working and determined Jason Statham. His chemistry with the camera and his co-actors are praise worthy.

It was evident that the actor had done a lot of homework and preparation for portraying a man with an odd hobby who got snatched into a high-profile international murder mystery. 

Along with Jason’s Charm, the actors and actresses who shared screen with him had outperformed themselves. No matter how short-term or long-term their roles were, everybody managed to deliver an impactful performance.

The whole cast made a believable universe on their own and they absorbed the audiences into their world and made them experience the adrenaline rush and the rollercoaster ride of emotions throughout the film. 

Fans are happy by the success

The whole team who worked day and night to turn this big project into reality also deserved to be mentioned. The hard work, expertise and attention to details paid off as fans are overwhelmed with the beautiful experience they were presented with.

People are enjoying this film in the movie theater with their loved ones and are leaving the theaters with full hearts and satisfied smiles on their faces. The holiday season was brightened by such a masterpiece and fans hope the on screen actors and off screen creators will continue to deliver high class projects like this in future. 


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