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Attempted burglary at the home of an associate professor demised in the fatal shooting of UNLV

Another unfortunate incident has been added to the series of misfortunes that the university of Nevada at Las Vegas has encountered on 6th Dec. According to a report given by metropolitan police of Las Vegas, an incident of attempted burglary has been reported at the house of Naoko Takemaru, an associate professor who fell victim to the fatal mass shooting at the university. 

Report of suspicious activities 

Ms. Takemaru’s house is located near the intersection point between Tropicana Avenue and Sandhill Road. On Dec 26, around 1 pm, one of the former neighbors of  Naoko informed the police about the suspicious movement in and around the house. As per report, Lidia Cid, who lives nearby, witnessed an unknown woman coming out of the house. Out of suspicion, she confronted her and started asking questions about her intentions and reasons behind her presence there. Lidia later informed that the woman told her to mind her own business upon confrontation. 

Perspective of a neighbor

After this, Lidia had tried taking a picture of the woman who started to run and got into a van which was standing nearby. She also informed that the woman had two other companions waiting for her in the van and their faces were covered with masks. The police arrived at the scene later and investigated the house. They had found that several medicine and wardrobe cabinets of the house were opened and violated. As per the latest report, multiple things have been stolen. The police are trying to identify the burglars and the vehicle. They have pictures taken by Lidia and some blurry pictures of the number plate of the van. 

The crime scene at Nevada Campus


The unfortunate day at Nevada campus

Naoko Takemaru, 69, had been working as an associate professor of Japanese language at the University of Nevada. On Dec 6, there was a round of fatal shooting at the college campus and Naoko was one of three misfortune victims of the heinous crime. The other two victims had been identified as Jerry Cha-Jan Chang, 64, a business professor; and Patricia Navarro-Velez, 39, an assistant professor of accounting. Another visiting professor was also reportedly hospitalized after bearing severe injuries. 

Police executed the criminal at a shootout:

The man behind the crime, Polito, was later killed by the police following a shootout. Polito has been teaching in an East Carolina’s business school and he was recently denied a position at the UNLV. Police suspect that this can be a contributing motive behind the committed homicides. The campus faced a quick eviction by the police at the time of the crime. Initially, due to the lack of information about the physical appearance of the suspect, police mistook Paolo as a bystander. Later, they identified him and took quick necessary action. 

Naoko was loved by her near ones and neighbors. After her demise, her loved ones paid her tribute with candle marches around her house. Her friends and families have been informed about the recent incident. Police are trying their very best to find the alleged burglars as soon as possible. Anybody with any knowledge about the potential suspect of the burglary is advised to contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department at (702) 385-5555.

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