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Attempt to Rob A 7-Eleven Came to a Halt as The Sheriff’s Deputy Accedentally Walks In

A botched robbery took place in Carson

An attempted armed robbery was caught red handed as the sheriff’s deputy simply happened to walk in a convenience store where the crime was being committed. This unusual incident has taken place in a 7-Eleven at Carson, Los Angeles. The county sheriff’s deputy was on his patrolling duty on Saturday morning when he happened to visit the store and found the culprits there. 

The threat  

At around 12:30 am, video footage caught the suspects casually entering the store. There were 4 suspects in total. All of the culprits were wearing black sweatshirts and they were covering their faces with masks to hide their identities from the surveillance camera. They simply walked into the store and brisked around the aisles a little before visiting the counter. 

Misfortune of the robbers ensued as the deputy walked in

After they visited the counter, they seemingly pulled out a firearm and pointed it at the head of the employee who was standing on the counter. Just then the door swung open again as the deputy walked in the store. He quickly pulled  out his gun and warned the robbers. He threatened to shoot them as they scrambled back in a corner of the shop. 

Robbers entering the store

Deputy was quick to take action against them

With quick thinking, the deputy pressed his emergency call button and summoned backup officers. The help from the police department arrived soon as several police cars pulled up at the doorstep of the convenience store and four of the suspects were taken into custody for illegal possession of firearms and attempted robbery. 

Investigation is going on

The suspects were taken to the nearby police station for further interrogation. The identities of the culprits had yet to be revealed by the law enforcement officials. The deputy later reported that he was not called in by the emergency button, he just went into the store to check in on something. 

The crime scene

Robber gang might be responsible for other 7-Eleven robberies 

Upon further investigation and deeper interrogation, authorities had suspected that the hand had been involved in several armed robbery cases in a chain of 7-ELeven stores. They had got to know that the group had been involved in another robbery at a store in Gardena before their failed attempt at Carson. Investigation is still going on as officers are finding clues to connect the 7-Eleven robberies in Long Beach, Lakewood and Seal Beach to this group of suspects. 

The action taken by  police department was publicly praised

The store owner and the employee at the counter had been heavily impressed by the quick action taken by the police officers. The employee had thanked the deputy for saving his life as he was held at gunpoint by the robbers. The people who lived nearby stated that they have started  to feel much safer with such responsible and strong headed officers patrolling the area. They are hoping that the gang of robbers are brought to the court and served justice as soon as possible. 

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