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ATM warning after concerning device watching customers as they withdraw money is discovered, worrying sign to watch for

People getting scammed through their ATMs

New ways for skimming people off their money always come up day after day. Scammers have been using multiple ATM skimming devices so that they can steal information. These devices were found at a bank in New Jersey and a bank in Iowa.

How these devices function is that they are designed to record information from a bank card’s magnetic strip. We all know how important and sensitive this information is to withdraw money from the ATM. In addition to that, the cameras are used to discover people’s PIN codes.


The first case was recorded in Iowa last year

The first case came up in November 2023, according to The Courier. The workers at a Collins Community Credit Union in Cedar Falls, Iowa identified a skimming device and there was a small camera on top of an ATM.

A man identified as Vasile Cristei, who is 30 years old, was arrested on January 19. He was charged with illegal use of a scanning device and malicious prosecution.

He was arrested by the North Liberty Police Department. Officers arrested him and one more individual when they went back to the bank with the motive of retrieving the devices. The suspect is being held. He has been demanded on a bond set at $15,000.


Scam traveled to New Jersey

This scamming scheme has not been within the borders of Iowa only. There was another device that was discovered at a CapitalOne bank in Nutley, New Jersey. It is located around 7 miles north of Newark.

The skimmer was spotted on one of the bank’s drive-thru ATMs. The police officials said the design was intentionally made to not stand out.

“Great care was taken to make a false cover to place” over the card reader, the police reportedly said. It was revealed by the police that they had not yet made any arrests in connection to the skimmer.  However, they were working to locate those responsible for the crime.

Warnings issued by police to beware of such scams

Bank account holders have been warned by the cops to be aware of such scams and devices like these when they use ATMs.

Some steps have been provided to people to spot an ATM skimmer and protect themselves from the money fraud that has been going around. The Northwest Community Credit Union gave the precautionary measures.

PIN keypads and card slots are the most targeted areas for these devices for the scam to take place. Any part of the machine, hanging items, and bulky objects should be looked out for tape or glue.


Measures to check for these scams issued by the cops

The quickest check for people to scan for these skimming devices is to wriggle and gently move the card slot or PIN pad so that any loose attachments will come off. This is the main way to protect yourself from the ATM scams. Such scams have become very common with the economic crisis and rise in prices.


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