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As Trump Prepares to Sweep all California Delegates, President Biden continues to have an Iron Grip on the State


According to a newly conducted poll released this month, Former President Donald Trump is strong enough to capture all the existing California delegates to the Republican National Convention. This poll has been released amidst the ongoing 2024 US election campaigns, where Trump has emerged as an almost unbeatable candidate.


California’s state Republican Party had announced a new set of rules last summer. According to these new rules, the 169 spots present in the state represent 14% of the total needed to win the national nomination. In case a candidate manages to secure more than half of the primary vote, he or she will be directly awarded all the delegates. In contrast to this new rule, the old state rules had allowed candidates to only win three delegates in each congressional district. The old rules were focused more on an economical targeted campaign instead of going statewide.


The Republican Roll

This poll, which is known as the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies Poll, was co-released by the Los Angeles Times earlier this month. This poll had an approximate of 6,199 registered voters. Amongst these 6,199 voters, it was recorded that an approximate of 4,470 voters would definitely vote in the upcoming elections while an approximate of 1,351 were deemed likely to vote in the primary.

This poll also showcased that an overwhelming percentage of voters (almost 66%) were planning to vote Former President Donald Trump. Just behind Donald Trump is former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, with a total of 11% of voters supporting her. Behind Haley in the race is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, with the support of 8% of voters. Indian American businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, who stood last in the race with a total support of just 3%, had announced his departure from the 2024 US presidential race earlier this month after he wasn’t able to garner the number of voters he had initially hoped for.


California: A Political Battlefield

Although earlier this month, DeSantis was leading the race against Trump with a total of 37% to 29% respectively, the former President is slowly garnering more and more support as the 2024 US Presidential elections roll closer. Haley’s 11% has been her best performance in the campaigns so far. In recent years, the state of California has leaned more towards the Democrats, with Democrat Hillary Clinton winning the state in the year 2016, and current President Joe Biden, who is also a Democrat, winning the state again in the year 2020.

Although Trump has been slowly gaining momentum, Biden steady popularity throughout the campaigns has been one of Trump’s biggest hurdles. When kept side by side, the two leaders are currently engaged in a tight battle. A battle in which Joe Biden is leading Trump by 19 points. During the 2020 elections, Biden had defeated Trump with a total of 30 points.


According to this newly released poll, Biden was seen as a favorable candidate by approximately 50% of the voters while 48% of voters labelled him as unfavorable. The upcoming 2024 US Presidential elections will be a fierce between these two most popular US political leaders.



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