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As the World Contemplates the Possibility of a Nuclear War in the Distant Future, Experts and Analysts Have Carved Out the Top 10 American Cities That Would Be Under Direct Threat

YouTube channels, podcasts, and discussions all across the globe have always covered the topic of how a potential nuclear war would unfold in today’s technologically advanced society. Experts and analysts from different countries have analyzed and discussed the potential their native countries hold; in case a nuclear war does happen in the future.

Potential Future Threat 

Although these discussions can intellectually be very entertaining, when it comes to the real world, a nuclear war unfolding seems very unlikely. Modern economies cannot survive wars and in today’s economy-centered world, the most efficient way for a nation to win ‘modern warfare’ is, with diplomacy and business.

Even though human society has moved past the era of world wars, conflicts, and direct military confrontations, even the smallest of countries, with small limited geographical ground or unstable economies, have maintained an army of their own. Some of the world’s strongest militaries even possess nuclear weapons and are not afraid to showcase their military prowess.

Most Vulnerable US Cities in a Potential Nuclear War

Numerous financial and socio-economic experts believe that key social factors like population density, distance to a military base/institution, emergency strategy, and opportunities for evacuation are what make some cities more susceptible to being attacked, in comparison to others. There have been intense discussions about potential US cities falling under this potential threat, since the US is currently the world’s strongest military, in addition to having the highest reserves of nuclear weaponry. Here are the top 10 US cities that could most likely be targeted during a nuclear attack, according to Daily Mail:

  • Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. tops the list since it’s the home of the American government and is under constant watch of authorities and government wings.

  • New Y0rk City

New York City is the most populated city in the US, globally known for being the metropolitan hub of America. It would not be easy to evacuate so many people in case of a nuclear threat.

  • San Francisco / Oakland

The Bay area is geographically overpopulated which makes it a potential target.

  • Chicago

Its proximity of only 50 miles from four major US power plants, along with housing a massive population, is what Chicago an unmissable target during war/conflict.

  • Los Angeles

Los Angeles is also a part of the top 10 since it is the second most populous metropolitan city in the US.

  • Houston

Houston, a city that is also popular as ‘The Woodland’ and ‘The Sugar Land’ is also a potential target according to experts since it houses a population of approximately 6 million, in addition to being in close proximity to the South Texas Project Nuclear Generating Station.

  • Seattle

Seattle’s proximity to a Naval Base, in addition to its high population, makes it a part of the top 10 most sensitive geographical locations in the US.

  • Honolulu

Honolulu would be one of the most easily accessible targets as a US territory because of its small geographical land as an island. In addition to this, its isolation from the rest of the country and proximity to three military bases makes it a vulnerable target.

  • Omaha

A city that is located in close proximity to the Offutt Air Force Base, the city of Omaha also managed to secure a position in this list.

  • Ogden

Experts have also recognized Odgen as a target, because of the closely situated Hill Air Force Base.

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